Dan Poynor

Designer / Developer / Director

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In this category I’ve lumped together work I've done on a variety of platforms under various titles I've had such as Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Lead Designer, Senior Designer, just Designer, and Visual Designer. As a hands-on designer I work on creating creative assets by designing overall page layouts, making color and font decisions, either sourcing stock photos or taking photos myself, sourcing stock illustrations or creating illustrations myself, and finalizing any other graphic related needs. Typically I use Adobe Creative Suite software including Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and I've completed hundreds of projects in print, interactive, and online mediums. To ensure design goals are met, work usually involves reviewing creative briefs and sitting in on client meetings before submitting multiple versions for review stakeholders and other collaborators towards obtaining final sign-off approvals.

Presenting 545 role items

Presenting 545 role items