Dan Poynor

Designer / Developer / Director

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I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people and companies across the globe from small startups to large multi-national corporations. Client projects presented here range from short-term one-offs to long-term enterprise endeavors and were created either internally as a dedicated full-time employee or externally as a remote freelance consultant on an as-needed basis.

Thanks to all my clients! 🙂

Portfolio / Clients

A Proven Track Record, And Real-World Solutions

  • A Proven Track Record

    Throughout my career, I’ve excelled in both full-time and freelance roles, specializing in visual design, UX/UI development, and software engineering. These diverse collaborations have been pivotal in honing my skills and consistently driving project success.

    Utilizing this strong foundation of experience, I’ve consistently met objectives across diverse industries. Over the past couple years, I’ve:

    • Increased user engagement for a fast-growing e-commerce startup through intuitive UI design.
    • Improved website conversion rates for a Fortune 500 healthcare company by streamlining the user journey.
    • Reduced bounce rate for a leading educational platform by optimizing page loading speeds and navigation.
    • Boosted customer satisfaction for a global financial services firm by enhancing the user experience.
  • Turning Concepts into Real-World Solutions

    My work centers on translating abstract ideas into tangible, user-centric experiences. With a strong foundation in visual design, extensive expertise in UX/UI development, and a background in software engineering, I’ve consistently met objectives, improved user experiences, and optimized performance across diverse industries with a variety of needs.

  • Exceeding Expectations Through Innovation

    I’m deeply appreciative of the trust and collaboration I’ve received from clients, ranging from dynamic startups to established multinational corporations. Each project has been a unique learning opportunity, and I take pride in consistently surpassing expectations by refining user experiences, enhancing digital performance, and delivering innovative solutions through cross-industry collaboration.

  • Ready for Future Collaborations

    Exciting opportunities await, and I’m enthusiastic about continuing to work with clients and employers to craft exceptional digital experiences. With an unwavering commitment to excellence in design and development, a passion for innovation, and a proven track record of success, I stand ready to elevate your next project to new heights!