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Portfolio / Psychographic Profile Matrix

Segmenting Audience Types for Behavioral Marketing Messaging and User Centered Design Tactics

Haloes are assumed IMVU consumer interests, motivations, thinking process and perspectives combined with persuasion tactics to consider testing.

Interested in moving towards pleasure

  • Motivated by a “carrot”.
  • Will tell you what they want.
  • Mention ways users can gain from buying the product or service.

Interested in moving away from pain

  • Mention quick, easy, free aspects.
  • Motivated by a stick or a kick.
  • Persuaded by fear of the unknown, falure, rejection, perception of potential discomfort.
  • Will tell you what they don’t want
  • Mention ways users can suffer from not buying product or service.

Internally Motivated

  • Appeal to self-interest.
  • Self assured and quieter. Moves steadily towards a goal.
  • Can have difficulty in accepting other people’s feedback and direction.
  • Influencing language: “You” know best. “You’ll” know when it’s right. Only “you” can decide It’s up to “you”.

Externally Motivated

  • Appeal to family interests.
  • They cannot decide for themselves, they need external words or actions from other people or sources.
  • Users are often “seekers”.
  • These people need close management.


  • Use show and tell messaging.
  • More likely to watch science fiction and fantasy TV shows.
  • Democrats?


  • Use see and do messaging.
  • More likely to watch sports and news on TV.
  • Republicans?

Conscious Thinkers

  • Use literal sight, sound touch references.
  • Users likes sequential processes and logical order.
  • Users think in terms of cause-effect.
  • The conscious mind moves parts of the body.
  • Use facts to say what’s right.
  • Focus on the now.

Unconscious Thinkers

  • Appeal to romance and imagination.
  • Users multitask and process various info simultaneously.
  • Users make connections between thoughts and feelings.
  • The unconscious mind involuntarily moves parts of the body.
  • Use feelings to descripbe what’s right.
  • Focus on unlimited time and space, memories and future.



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A framework I sometimes use (even if it’s just for myself) to help plot creative direction and stimulate thinking.