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Content strategy, presentation, organization, writing, and maintenance all start with the user in mind. Understanding user needs in order to effectively communicate the benefits of a product or service for their specific need creates authenticity and trust in the companies brand. Good content is more that just writing lots of copy or marketing fluff though. Also, how the content is delivered and presented has to consider the target audience in order to figure out the best vehicle to use to reach them, same as the writing. The famous quote “The medium is the message” points to the need to understand the communication vehicle to be used and to design content for that context specifically. Since final content is not always available at the beginning of a project, it often changes or evolves over time as a project progresses. For example, once while working on a web site design I received two pages of text from a copywriter to use in explaining to new members how to use an online video chat product. After integrating the content I suggested we also create a brief Quick Start guide for the front page that offered a short simple 1, 2, 3 step explanation so new members could quickly and easily use the product without being too intimidated by having to read two pages of text. Streamlining the customer onboarding process helps users to become more familiar and intimate with a product quicker and businesses experience less abandonment issues. Tasks in this role might overlap with a Content Strategy role or Content Development role as well.

Presenting 34 role items

Presenting 34 role items