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    Insightly is a cloud based CRM and project management tool for small and medium businesses which integrates with G Suite, Microsoft Office and several other applications.

    While working with the company my primary role was as front-end developer for www.insightly.com which involved maintaining the HTML, CSS, Javascript for their marketing site, creating a few html emails, a few banner ads and landing pages, plus occasional visual design projects when needed. Working with their in-house designers, developers, other contractors, and vendors I would create mockups, code prototypes, and integrate with marketing tools such as Marketo and Optimizely. Besides doing a lot of the A/B testing using Optimizely ourselves we eventually added services such as Experiment Engine, GetSmartContent, and Captora to help manage growing testing needs.

    There were three major site redesigns while I was with the company as we created new sections, integrated internationalization (i18n) solutions localizing (l10n) site content for three additional languages. As part of the third redesign I built out the responsive web site design for the site by creating four additional layouts for each page and coding those break-points for mobile devices. The site was initially Microsoft .Net ASP based and I managed it using Visual Studio. Eventually we migrated to a WordPress CMS PHP configuration including custom themes and plugins I developed. We also migrated the corporate blog from Blogger to the WordPress platform and created a new design for it. In addition, the support site would occasionally need updating and design tweaks were needed along with their Facebook page, Youtube channel, and other online areas.

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    Initial layouts were created by another designer for the desktop screen width then handed-off for me to develop the alternate layouts for mobile devices. I coded layouts to be flexible so they worked on as many devices as possible. With only a couple exceptions, all pages were coded with four primary target sizes in mind beginning with the "mobile first" methodology. Additional media-query breakpoints were created when content areas within the layouts did not degrade gracefully when being resized. Standard sizes I would test and create media-queries for where 480x320 for iPhone landscape mode, 320x480 for iPhone portrait mode, 768x1024 for iPad portrait mode, and 1024x768 for iPad landscape mode and desktop use cases.

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