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Portfolio / Cisco WebEx Modal Dialogs with “Useful Tips” Tutorials

image showing several of the dialog box design I worked on


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Project Description

These dialogs would appear in MeetMeNow and PCNow web based application portals to assist and educate users. The modals would appear during events such as during the new user on-boarding process, when a new session is initiating, when the free trial is about to expire, when the credit card is about to expire, when there's a browser plugin update available, and after a session has ended. I created the look of the dialogs based on the visual gradient of some other areas in the products then created and stylized the icons indicating info, alert, and timely message topics. The “Useful Tips” area presented a Flash based slideshow I created by assembling screenshots from the products and adding text explanations in the overlayed green speech bubbles which animated in along with indicators pointing to the different subject areas of the users screen, such as where users can create a desktop shortcut.