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Portfolio / IMVU “Dress Up for Grown Ups” Campaign

Additional Alternates Tested



Company Description

IMVU is an online virtual world (or “metaverse”, similar to Second Life or The Sims) where members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and play games. Founded in 2004, they have the largest 3D-based user-generated virtual goods catalog consisting of more than 30 million items. They’re also known as one of the leading practitioners of the lean startup approach.


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Project Description

Here we initially tested a few different taglines, models, clothing, and backgrounds using the 300x250 format. After determining which combination produced the best results additional ad sizes were created. Eventually localized versions for ten different geo-tarted audiences as well. Versions were also created to blend in with specific web site placements so they didn't stand out as being ads too much.

Samples In This Project

  1. Initial Banner Ads
  2. You
    Additional Alternates Tested
  3. Additional Banner Ad Sizes Created After Testing – 12 sizes
  4. Localized French Banner Ads
  5. Localized German Banner Ads
  6. Localized Spanish Banner Ads
  7. Localized Portuguese Banner Ads
  8. Localized Dutch Banner Ads
  9. Localized Polish Banner Ads
  10. Localized Arabic Banner Ads
  11. Localized Japanese Banner Ads
  12. Localized Korean Banner Ads
  13. Localized Turkish Banner Ads
  14. Examples of Revised Banners for Specific Placements