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Designer / Developer / Director

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In my opinion, the general process of design is not medium specific. From designing a 64Ă—64 pixel size icon to designing a 48 foot wide highway billboard, communication goals are achieved through the thoughtful application of necessary elements and principles. As platforms have evolved though from print and television to interactive and online, so too have my design and production capabilities which enables me to maintain brand integrity across mediums, achieve high-quality results at a fast pace, and keep projects on budget.

Portfolio / Media Types

Media Types Overview

Beyond Pixels and Paper: Mastering the Multiverse of Media

  • While the canvas may change, the core of my design philosophy remains constant: clear communication through thoughtful execution. Whether I’m crafting a bite-sized icon or a billboard that dominates the skyline, every pixel and stroke serves a purpose.

    This unwavering principle has guided me on an expansive journey through the ever-evolving landscape of media. From the tactile realm of print and television to the dynamic world of interactive platforms and online experiences, I’ve honed my skills and expanded my toolbox to deliver:

    • Brand Consistency Across Channels: My passion lies in maintaining brand integrity, ensuring your visual voice resonates powerfully across every touchpoint, regardless of the medium.
    • Speed and Efficiency: I work swiftly and diligently, delivering high-quality results that meet deadlines and budgets without compromising on creativity.
    • Measurable Impact: My designs go beyond aesthetics. I understand the power of messaging and user experience, crafting solutions that drive engagement and achieve real-world results.
    • Future-Proof Solutions: I’m a lifelong learner, constantly expanding my skillset to meet the challenges of tomorrow. I’m always ready to tackle new platforms and technologies, ensuring your brand is equipped to thrive in the digital age.
    • Data-Driven Storytelling: I leverage user analytics and A/B testing to craft design narratives that resonate with your target audience, optimizing experiences for maximum impact.
    • Accessibility Champion: Inclusivity is at the heart of my design process. I create experiences that are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, adhering to WCAG guidelines and best practices.
    • Cross-Team Collaboration: I thrive in collaborative environments, seamlessly integrating with teams like developers, copywriters, and marketers to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand message across all touchpoints.
  • Navigating the Digital Domain

    • Websites: From sleek landing pages to complex enterprise portals, I build engaging and effective online experiences that capture attention and convert visitors into customers.
    • Landing Pages: I’m an architect of persuasive narratives, crafting targeted landing pages that guide users seamlessly towards desired actions.
    • Banner Ads: Every pixel counts in the attention-grabbing world of online advertising. I design impactful banners that resonate with their audience and deliver measurable results.
    • Interactive Experiences: From captivating animations to seamless user interfaces, I breathe life into digital concepts, weaving interactivity into the fabric of your brand.
  • Beyond the Screen

    • Print Collateral: I haven’t forgotten the power of paper. My print designs are visually stunning and strategically crafted to leave a lasting impression.
    • Brand Guidelines: Ensuring consistency across teams and projects, I meticulously develop brand guidelines that serve as a compass for your visual identity.
    • Software Design: User interfaces aren’t just functional; they’re gateways to experiences. I design software that’s intuitive, engaging, and a joy to use.

    This is just a glimpse into the vast library of media I’ve mastered. With every project, I push the boundaries, explore new platforms, and refine my skills, ensuring I’m always equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

    Ready to unlock the potential of your message across any medium? Let’s discuss how my expertise can bring your vision to life!