Portfolio / Mood Boards

    Direction 1

    image showing colorful light future images

    Direction 2

    image showing futuristic interfaces

    Direction 3

    image showing dark cyber future design style

    Direction 4

    image showing typographic images

    Direction 5

    image showing chrome high tech looking images

    Direction 6

    image showing humans interactign with futuristic interfaces

    Direction 7

    image showing red techno look

    Direction 8

    image showing energy swirls

    Direction 9

    image showing green and gold cyber tech looking images

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    Company Description

    Adobe is best known for it’s image editing software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe Lightroom, and the Acrobat PDF format. Additionally they also produce software for web design, video special effects, audio editing, eLearning, digital marketing tools, and web server software.

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    Project Description

    These where created after doing an informational interview gathering initial thoughts on potential needs that would appeal to both the client and their audience. Created as part of the Web Contracts 2012 conference project I keep old mood boards around just in case I ever need them again on another project.

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