Dan Poynor

Designer / Developer / Director

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My experience working on retail consumer packaging ranges from games, to CDs, to technology products, and health products. Creating a unique custom packaging design helps products stand-out on store shelves and appeal to your customers. To ensure success it’s not unusual that I go “undercover” and take photos in stores of similar products and create mockups showing the new packaging design simulated on the store shelves to get a feel of how a new design will fit in before actually producing the final packaging. Additionally creating 3D models of the packaging helps store owners, printers, and production houses understand the size and shape that a package intends to use and provide comments towards improving the designs effectiveness. Functioning as an Art Director on lifestyle photoshoots with products increases success of getting just the right photo to use on the outside packaging and on any inside product instructions and marketing campaigns. When needed I can perform as an in-studio product photographer as well. Once a design direction is established, additional products can leverage the packaging design style for additional products to streamline workflow and create a consistent look.

Presenting 42 role items

Presenting 42 role items