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Before designing a logo I always gather as much information upfront as possible and do a little research. Primary information would be about who or what the logo is meant to represent, what they do, what their values or benefits are, plus, who the audience is and what they’re looking for in a business or service which the logo is representing. By learning about the audience a logo will be able to connect and engage them better. Additionally it’s helpful to know who the competitors are to be aware of their tactics and ensure we’re differentiating from them, plus any ideas or logos that people like which might provide some creative guidance. Final logos could be a a custom wordmark (or logotype), monogram, logo mark (or abstract symbol) accompanied by the name. All this information effects the cost and whether a short-term quickie logo is needed or if a larger branding project is needed which could include creation of mood boards and doing focus group reviews. General goals I usually include are making sure it still reads at small sizes, it should work in black and white, it should not be too trendy or cliché, and that it should be unique without looking to foreign. The logos presented here are designed either as a single representational branding element or as part of larger projects that include other branding elements.

Presenting 38 role items

Presenting 38 role items