Dan Poynor

Designer / Developer / Director

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Portfolio / Roles / Information Architect

In short, Information Architecture helps users understand a presented context/organization and help them find what they’re looking for. By rearranging paragraphs on a page or separating content into pages we are architecting information. There are often primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of content organized into levels and groups based on an assessment of defined targeted users cognitive load, decision-making process, mental models, or a common vernacular language structure. The structure of the information can be more important than the message itself. For example, this portfolio site aims to answer most common questions I receive about the work I do by organizing the information into several categories based on my design roles, client names, industry types, and media types used as well as a simple list of design projects I’ve worked on. Being able to present information clearly is key to all projects I work on. A couple related quotes I like to keep in mind while performing work in this role are “Form follows function” and “Clarity trumps persuasion”.

Presenting 54 role items

Presenting 54 role items