Dan Poynor

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In general I prefer to work with a copywriter or product manager and receive near finished content (or as close as possible) in MS Word or just plain text to work with. When needed though, I can step into the role and craft initial text for review and to edit as needed which helps kick-start a project by having something to start molding. When possible I base headlines, supporting text, or long-form text on previously existing examples, competitive analysis, industry research, customer research, marketing aggressiveness, or a TL;DR summary to format into a rough outline then embellish with details, brand messaging, SEO keywords, and persuasive marketing tactics to form potential copy for final use. Overall I do try to limit the “fluff” to create a better customer experience when possible. If nothing else though, I tend to just use “Lorem Ipsum” as placeholder text, especially for long-form writing while starting work on general concepts, visual design options, and layout directions.

Presenting 9 role items

Presenting 9 role items