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Portfolio / Insightly.com Pricing Page Test Variations

Version Showing Five Plans and Features Chart Enhancements

Screenshot Showing Pricing Page with Five Plans and Features Chart Enhancements



Company Description

Insightly is a cloud based CRM and project management tool for small and medium businesses which integrates with G Suite, Microsoft Office and several other applications.

While working with the company my primary role was as front-end developer for www.insightly.com which involved maintaining the HTML, CSS, Javascript for their marketing site, creating a few html emails, a few banner ads and landing pages, plus occasional visual design projects when needed. Working with their in-house designers, developers, other contractors, and vendors I would create mockups, code prototypes, and integrate with marketing tools such as Marketo and Optimizely. Besides doing a lot of the A/B testing using Optimizely ourselves we eventually added services such as Experiment Engine, GetSmartContent, and Captora to help manage growing testing needs.

There were three major site redesigns while I was with the company as we created new sections, integrated internationalization (i18n) solutions localizing (l10n) site content for three additional languages. As part of the third redesign I built out the responsive web site design for the site by creating four additional layouts for each page and coding those break-points for mobile devices. The site was initially Microsoft .Net ASP based and I managed it using Visual Studio. Eventually we migrated to a WordPress CMS PHP configuration including custom themes and plugins I developed. We also migrated the corporate blog from Blogger to the WordPress platform and created a new design for it. In addition, the support site would occasionally need updating and design tweaks were needed along with their Facebook page, Youtube channel, and other online areas.


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Project Description

Presented here are several iterations of the Pricing page I coded or co-designed/developed and maintained 3013 through 1016 while working with the Insightly marketing team, internal designers, and external vendors. Variations were tested using Optimizely and services such as Experiment Engine for A/B testing and conversion optimization along with KissMetrics and Google Analytics for click path tracking. Occasionally I contributed to the visual design while staying true to the look and feel of the Insightly brand. Additionally I occasionally contributed test suggestions based on best practices research, reviewing reported successes on other sites and competitive analysis. Several other versions were created as well, such as using different visual treatments for the title area and plan blurbs. etcetera.

Samples In This Project

  1. Initial Version with Four Plans and Simple Design
  2. Redesign Showing Three Plans
  3. New Features Highlighted and Header Updated
  4. Redesign Showing Four Plans
  5. You
    Version Showing Five Plans and Features Chart Enhancements
  6. Testing Orange Info Icon Rollover in Features Chart and Learn More Info Area
  7. Test Simplifying Features Chart By Presenting Integrations and Plan Limits In Rollovers
  8. CTA Buttons Moved Above Features Chart And Directly Below Pricing
  9. Less Cluttered Features Chart with More Info Contained In A “See More” Rollover
  10. Overlay Used To Emphasize Difference Between The Two Signup Paths
  11. Responsive Redesign For Visitors On Mobile Devices
  12. Page Created Specifically for Visitor Traffic Coming From Mobile Phones Only
  13. Added Pricing Toggle for Monthly and Annually Pricing
  14. Pricing Toggle And Reversed Plan Order
  15. Captora Version 1: With Less Distracting Header and Removed Content Below Features Chart
  16. Captora Version 2: With Less Distracting Header, Plan Features Initially Hidden, and Customer Quote
  17. Features Chart Resorted and Limits Listed In Rollover
  18. Redesign With Simplified Design, Pricing Toggle, and Added PDF Version