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This was a short project for a startup I worked on while in college. Creating the playful gestural illustrations was fun. After creating several of the elements by hand through various analog techniques, I cut them out and pasted-up my favs by hand to create somewhat abstract forms related to beauty, fashion, and cosmetics. Then I shot composites using a stat camera. The stat camera was one of those big cameras that included a long rail, perhaps ten feet, with a swivel mount to place your artwork on and a rotating door leading to a dark room with only a red light and a focus window to view your artwork on before placing a large piece of Agfa or Fuji film for exposure. You could put a magnifying loop on the focus window while cranking a gear about waist heigh to fine tune the distance of your artwork and sharpness (I usually just eyeballed it though). Final presentation was a 24x36 film negative spray-painted metallic gold on the back then mounted on poster board. It looked kinda shiny and slick I thought at the time. Once in the early ’90s I applied for a job at Bijan on Rodeo Drive in L.A. and was called in to interview personally. This is one of the pieces the interviewer walked out of the room with to show to someone I never met before returning and asking to see more. After that I always figured maybe I should save this technique for a potential future project.