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Initial Wireframe of Rough Ideas

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Company Description

Founded in 2009, HomeRun was one of the nation's premier daily deals websites. The online social buying club promoted “Daily Steals” which provided customer discounts on goods and services from various merchants in more than 30 major American cities, including San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New York, Detroit, and Portland. Acquired by Deem in 2011.


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Project Description

Created in Flash these dynamic banner ads pulled in campaign offers based on customer location and demographics. The formats needed to be flexible enough to present various amounts of text and images in ways that presented the offers clearly and didn't look awkward. We established content standards, character count limits, and image formats to be used as guidelines.

Samples In This Project

  1. Static Versions of Animated Flash Banners
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    Initial Wireframe of Rough Ideas