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Portfolio / FiftyFlowers.com eCommerce Order Management System Interface Design Proposal Mockups

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FiftyFlowers Commerce Management System - Orders List



Company Description

FiftyFlowers.com specializes in beautiful flowers delivered at wholesale prices direct from the grower. Their farms are located throughout the Andes Mountain region of Ecuador and rank as one of the top flower producers in the world. For over 20 years they have been shipping more than one million flowers a month all over the world and the team at FiftyFlowers.com knows the flower industry inside and out.


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Project Description

A few quick mockups presented as a proposal for the commerce website administration and order management area of FiftyFlowers.com. By using colors that complimented the logo and improving the over layout of elements, this CMS user interface became immediately recognizable and aesthetically more pleasant to look at (and use) than interacting with the generic geeky look and feel that the engineers had initially developed.

Samples In This Project

  1. Welcome Page
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    Orders List
  3. Search Module
  4. Order Summary