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    CUC Best Buys Online SuperStore CD-ROM Interface 001 Home Screen Animated Example Screen Showing Rollover and Highlight Button States
    Home Screen Rollovers And Highlights Examples Animation Best Buys Catalogs Screen Design CUC Best Buys Online SuperStore CD-ROM Interface 020 Catalogs Screen Home Office And Phones Screen Tools Hardware And Appliances Products Screen Leisure Products Screen Computers Product Category Template Screen Design Cameras And Optics Product Template Screen Design Example Sports And Fitness Product Template Screen Design Example Money Saving Services Screen Design Travelers Advantage Screen Design AutoVantage Screen Design Dinner-On-Us Club Screen Design Shoppers Advantage Online Screen Design Search By Product Type Screen Design Search By Word Screen Design Shopping List Product Review Template Screen Design Example Shopping Cart Screen Design Example How To Order Modal Overlay Going Online Modal Overlay Sign In To Aol Modal Overlay Get Latest Version Of Aol Modal Overlay Register For AOL Modal Overlay Sorry Product Not Available Modal Overlay Price Breakdown Modal Overlay Shipping Info Modal Overlay Charge To Modal Overlay Going Online To Submit Order Modal Overlay Order Submitted Modal Overlay About CUC Screen CUC Credits Screen Medio Credits Screen CUC Best Buys Catalogs Shoppers Advantage CD-ROM Packaging Desgin

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    Originally known as America Online, AOL began around 1985 and has grown to become a mega global media powerhouse. I was involved growing customer engagement just at the time about half of all U.S. homes with Internet access had it through AOL. While working on various content channels – including News (AOL Live!), Sports (The Sporting News), Family Computing, Travel, Shopping, and Entertainment – the company experienced their greatest growth.

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    Developed graphics for main menu and sub-screens. 3 months

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