Portfolio / Adobe EchoSign DocuSign Corrections Interactive PDF

    Animated GIF showing correction rollover example.

    The rollovers only appear if you download the PDF to your hard drive then open it in Acrobat Reader. They won’t work if you just view the PDF in your web browser.

    Animated gif image showing a rollover example from the interactive PDF

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    Adobe is best known for it’s image editing software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Adobe Lightroom, and the Acrobat PDF format. Additionally they also produce software for web design, video special effects, audio editing, eLearning, digital marketing tools, and web server software.

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    Interactive PDF created with rollovers highlighting incorrect sections of a DocuSign comparison white paper that DocuSign was distributing. You have to download the PDF to your hard drive and open it in Acrobat Reader to see the rollovers. It doesn't work if you just view the PDF in a web browser.

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