Dan Poynor

Designer / Developer / Director

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Portfolio / Roles / UX/CX Designer

As a User Experience Designer (a.k.a. Customer Experience Designer) I work towards creating satisfying experiences for users and marketing effectiveness for businesses. By understanding both business goals and user needs I’m able to find ways to bring the two together in various ways, then figure out what’s working best. Sometimes also referred to as a UXD or UED role, the tasks I perform might include (but not always):

  • Establishing strategic goals
  • Creating content maps
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Creating user personas
  • Producing storyboards
  • Information architecture
  • Taxonomy development
  • Wire-framing subject areas and pages
  • Laying out low-fidelity mockups
  • Presenting design concepts
  • Doing user research
  • Developing prototypes
  • Coordinating with developers
  • Conducting A/B tests
  • Tracking goals and successes
  • Communicating results
  • Monitoring and maintenance

Presenting 165 role items

Presenting 165 role items