Dan Poynor

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General design strategy process I use: After gathering info identifying potential audiences and users from managers and other stakeholders I typically do some design research to understand what those audiences needs, concerns, desires, motivations, contexts are and what they expect from the product being presented which helps to inspire a deeper understanding and empathize with the potential users. Along with doing a competitive analysis, these findings drive development of guidelines for creating functionality, look and feel, messaging such as headline and supporting text, and imagery which target audiences will perceive as being of higher quality above competing product experiences and more authentic/appropriate to their specific needs. The findings help focus idea generation sessions with collaborators and can sometimes effect the overall business model itself or communicate product and brand management needs. After presenting concepts, gathering feedback, and narrowing down solutions to move forward with, sometimes I’ll assemble a matrix which provides a framework identifying what resources are needed and informs other team members what to expect as development begins. A test matrix can also serve to inform folks not intimate with a project what we tested and how results were measured.