Portfolio / HPShopping.com Telephone Order Management Interface (TOMI) Call Center Interface

    Screenshot of prototype call center main portal interface.
    Cropped version

    Cropped version of screenshot of Call Center Interface Main Portal page

    Version showing full page including left column navigation options

    Screenshot of Call Center Interface Main Portal page

    Screenshot of un-designed New Customer form.

    Screenshot of Call Center Interface New Customer entry form

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    Created as part of HPShopping's Customer Contact Management Tool, TOMI was used by telephone operators when customers called in to place or change orders. The portal provided a central area where associates can find current promotions, see featured products to promote, along with managing customer order information. This was a quick design refresh to make the interface friendlier and more usable. Because of budget and time restraints, some screens, such as the New Customer form, were not fully designed but were at least coded with semantic HTML elements. You should have seen what at looked like back in 2004 before this refresh.

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