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Portfolio / EchoSign AppExchange “Best Of” Award Poster

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Company Description

I first began working with EchoSign August of 2008 through PPC Associates then more directly starting around October 2010. April 2011 I stepped in and began managing their marketing website content and design and helped redesign the site to fit the Adobe standard look and feel in February of 2012 after Adobe acquired EchoSign (July 2011). From February 2012 through October 2012 I continued to maintain the site and eventually, while working with a small army of Adobe employees and outside contractors, we migrated the site to Adobes enterprise content management system and they began managing the site internally.


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Project Description

24x36 poster created to hang around the office. There was an earlier version with drop shadows on the medallions similar to the JMP “Hot 100” awards poster badges. I think the client didn't want the drop shadows in the version though.