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Homepage Ad Placement Guidelines

Direct Marketing Confidential Homepage Ad Placement Guidelines



Company Description

Access Intelligence – an integrated media company, acquired a client of mine called NextCustomer in 2012 along with the LeadsCon and DailyDeal conferences, plus DMConfidential.com and other events and online properties.


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Project Description

The DMconfidential.com site evolved from a marketing blog that was purchased and by integrating existing enterprise efforts from other sites which included adding multiple content authors, expanded topic areas including featured content, and integrating with existing promotional efforts and jobs database. After creating a half dozen wireframe layouts, visual design began on the overall look and feel. After about half a dozen visual designs were considered a look was chosen and prototyped before creating a prototype and integrating with a WordPress CMS. After launch adjustments were made to finalize the design and code before handing off to an internal team to manage the site.

Samples In This Project

  1. Initial Page Layout Wireframes
  2. Final Homepage Design
  3. Alternate Homepage Visual Design 1
  4. Alternate Homepage Visual Design 2
  5. Alternate Homepage Visual Design 3
  6. Alternate Homepage Visual Design 4
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    Homepage Ad Placement Guidelines