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  1. aol-2market-cd-eddie-bauer-home-main-screen

    2Market CD Eddie Bauer Interface Designs

    Project Description: Eddie Bauer was one of the catalogs presented on the 2Market CD. Sometimes vendors would just send their logo and let us design the interface for their catalog. I usually managed to preserve the brands look for well known companies so sign-offs went smoothly.

  2. aol-2market-cd-sharper-image-main-menu-screen

    2Market CD The Sharper Image Interface Designs

    Project Description: The Sharper Image was another one of the catalogs presented on the 2Market CD. Sometimes vendors would just send their logo and ask us to handle the interface design for their catalog. Since I was already familiar with the Sharper Image brand through their mailed catalog and had noticed their advertising on occasion plus I had visited their stores shopping a few times, I was able to successfully maintain the brands look and feel.

  3. aol-2market-promotions

    2Market Promotions

    Project Description: The computer-based shopping service 2Market was formed by a partnership between America Online, Apple Computer and Medior in 1994. The CD-ROM version included 27 vendor catalogs including promotions (such as Chef's Catalog, Lands' End, Spiegel, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Sony Music). Occasionally new promotions were downloaded after connecting through AOL and presented as timely offers to potential customers.

  4. adbrite-conference-booth

    AdBrite Conference Booth Background Graphic

    Project Description: Based on their logo I create perhaps half a dozen design variations before we settled on this version.

  5. adobe-echosign-be-a-hero-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign “Be A Hero” Initial Banner Ad Design Variations

    Project Description: These are three initial designs based on a concept from the marketing manager using a document illustration I had previously created and stock image I found as alternate directions.

  6. adobe-echosign-get-documents-signed-anywhere-campaign-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign “Get Documents Signed Anywhere” Campaign Banner Ads

    Project Description: For this project I gathered stock photos to represent different unexpected situations where people could be while signing a document. Concept was based on a “Sign From Anywhere” idea we had used previously from the marketing manager.

  7. adobe-echosign-speed-webinar-email

    Adobe EchoSign “Increase The Speed” Campaign

    Project Description: This campaign was targeted at CFO’s and real estate professionals using customized text in the emails and landing pages.

  8. adobe-echosign-co-branded-landing-page-design

    Adobe EchoSign Co-branded Landing Page Design

    Project Description: Immediately after Adobe acquired EchoSign we did a quick update throughout the site merging the two brands by basically just sticking the Adobe red tag in the header and adding some legal text in the footer. This is an example of a landing page that I created during this time which still shows the EchoSign look with a few Adobe branding elements.

  9. adobe-echosign-community-college-week-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Community College Week Banner Ads

    Project Description: These were reworded/updated for use targeting CFO’s also. The guy with the glasses kinda looks like like he could be either a professor or an accountant.

  10. adobe-echosign-conference-booth-panels-for-dreamforce-2011

    Adobe EchoSign Conference Booth Graphics

    Project Description: Created for the Salesforce Dreamforce 2011 Conference. This was just after the Adobe EchoSign merger so the big Adobe tag seemed important to make sure everyone knew EchoSign was now part of Adobe. There were still some legacy EchoSign elements in places such as the ratings graphic that were revised before finalizing. I always wonder how often the conference booths were used anywhere else.

  11. adobe-echosign-floor-display-sign-version-preview

    Adobe EchoSign Conference Floor Display Signs

    Project Description: I forget which of these was the final. It was fun working with the shapes in their corporate background imagery.

  12. adobe-echosign-credit-union-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Credit Union Banner Ad Variations

    Project Description: None yet.

  13. adobe-echosign-die-cut-vinyl-wayfinding-floor-decals-preview

    Adobe EchoSign Die-cut Vinyl Wayfinding Floor Decals

    Project Description: These printed about 44 inches wide and 15 inches tall and were stuck on the ground in key locations to help folks find their way to the event.

  14. adobe-echosign-docusign-corrections-interactive-pdf-smaller

    Adobe EchoSign DocuSign Corrections Interactive PDF

    Project Description: Interactive PDF created with rollovers highlighting incorrect sections of a DocuSign comparison white paper that DocuSign was distributing. You have to download the PDF to your hard drive and open it in Acrobat Reader to see the rollovers. It doesn't work if you just view the PDF in a web browser.

  15. adobe-echosign-free-trial-campaign-for-real-estate-agents-and-brokers-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Free Trial Campaign for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

    Project Description: We iterated on these two directions a few times. Other versions included text such as “...and Save 50% on a Pro Account” in addition to the free documents offer.

  16. adobe-echosign-graphic-for-trade-show-tabletop-displays-sign

    Adobe EchoSign Graphics for Trade Show Booth

    Project Description: None yet.

  17. adobe-echosign-traffic-failover-page-01

    Adobe EchoSign Homepage “Traffic Surge” Lightweight Fallback Page Design

    Project Description: In case the website received too much traffic we had a couple failover plans in place, such as being able to switch to a revised homepage that was streamlined for lots of traffic. Version 1 removed the animated billboard image slider and didn't include any dynamic JSP so everything was static. In version 2 I also removed all links to internal pages including the billboard image CTA and no login plus the bottom section of the page content was removed. Version 1 HTTP resource requests went from 84 down to 41 and page weight went from ~972K to ~169K. Version 2 HTTP requests went down to 17 and page weight went to ~88K. Since most traffic doesn’t go through the homepage necessarily but to sub-pages directly, I could also redirect all sub-pages to the version 2 homepage if needed.

  18. adobe-echosign-home-page-billboard-image-design-example-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Homepage Billboard Image Design Examples

    Project Description: This is only a few of the many I either created from scratch or repurposed and updated over a few years. For example each year EchoSign would have a booth and participate at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference and the billboard image that appears on the homepage would need to be updated each year announcing sessions featuring EchoSign or awards EchoSign has won.

  19. adobe-echosign-stats-landing-page

    Adobe EchoSign Landing Page with Stats Billboard

    Project Description: Showing numbers is a tactic for connecting with businesses by making the company look more legit/impressive. Mentioning time saved, number of customers, and amount saved is similar to saying it's quick, easy, and free but in a less consumery retail-like way.

  20. adobe-echosign-logo-badge-designs

    Adobe EchoSign Logo Badge Design

    Project Description: After Adobe acquired EchoSign, and before the Adobe corporate branding and design army began managing the new Adobe EchoSign brand, I created these which were modeled off other Adobe brand merge example I had found or noticed in the past. As a Adobe Creative Suite user/customer I've been familiar with their brand for years and am intimate with the company and generally aware when they merge with other companies or products which helps on projects such as this.

  21. adobe-echosign-real-estate-campaign-email

    Adobe EchoSign Real Estate Agents and Brokers Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  22. echosign-real-estate-landing-page-version-1

    Adobe EchoSign Real Estate Audience Landing Page

    Project Description: Landing pages could be customized for various marketing verticals by updating the headlines text, bullet point text, testimonials, and example customer logos. Three or four layout variations were tested. Version 2 also includes the Phase 1 header and footer redesign I initially incorporated after Adobe acquired EchoSign.

  23. adobe-echosign-salesforce-appexchange-badges

    Adobe EchoSign Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Award Badges

    Project Description: I couldn't find large clean versions of these online so I recreated them in Adobe Illustrator as vector art so we could use them in print and online. Pretty close match I think.

  24. dobe-echosign-salesforce-graphics-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Salesforce Website Graphics

    Project Description: Not really banner ads (they don't have buttons or a call-to-action), but I wasn't sure where to put these. Maybe these could be in a media-type category called “Branding Elements” or something.

  25. adobe-echosign-legal-tested-trusted-landing-page

    Adobe EchoSign Short Landing Page

    Project Description: The collage with the agreement and mouse was created in Adobe Illustrator, only the mouse photo was a raster image. The illustrated contract includes real contract text in case anyone looked at it closely. A second version of this landing page design included a Free Webinar button next to the Free Trial button.

  26. adobe-echosign-sports-related-banner-ads-preview

    Adobe EchoSign Sports Related Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  27. adobe-echosign-support-area-feedback-screen

    Adobe EchoSign Support Area Integration Development

    Project Description: As part of the team working on integrating legacy EchoSign content into the Adobe content management system I also worked on developing the Support area based on the two brand styles.

  28. adobe-echosign-tri-fold-brochure-outside

    Adobe EchoSign Tri-fold Brochure

    Project Description: A revised design of the EchoSign brochure to hand out at the Adobe EchoSign booth during Salesforce Dreamforce conference.

  29. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-2012-floor-decals-and-poster-sign-mockups-1

    Adobe EchoSign Wayfinding Street Decal and Floor Signage Mockups

    Project Description: None yet.

  30. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-poster

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts 2012 Conference

    Project Description: None yet.

  31. adobe-echosign-co-branded-home-page-design-with-web-contracts-billboard-image-with-conferenc-billboard

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference 2012 Homepage Billboard

    Project Description: Designed along with the other web and print conference materials.

  32. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-mockup-of-badge-in-holder

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Attendee Badges

    Project Description: None yet.

  33. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-guidebook-cover

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Guidebook

    Project Description: The official conference guidebook. We kept it simple since attendees only received the guidebook once at the conference. So it's more “informational” rather than being a “promotional” piece.

  34. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-pedicab-graphic-35×22

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Pedicab Ads

    Project Description: Used on pedicabs not just to advertise the conference but to indicate which pedicabs provided free rides to and from the conference.

  35. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-sign-preview-00-36×84

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Signage

    Project Description: None yet.

  36. adobe-echosign-free-webinar-registration-form-page

    Adobe EchoSign Webinar Registration Landing Page

    Project Description: Webcast Registration page I occasionally update the form, test, and right column branding area on. This version includes the initial header and footer updates made right after Adobe acquired EchoSign.

  37. adobe-echosign-co-branded-home-page-design-before-version

    Adobe EchoSign Website Redesign Phase 1 Example Co-branded Homepage Redesign – Before and After Examples

    Project Description: This was the first iteration of the site redesign right after the merger announcement between EchoSign and Adobe. I had seen other companies simply just adding the red Adobe tag to their header and updating their footers so this seemed to be the most appropriate solution, plus it was the easiest to do quickly. The bottom of the red Adobe tag is not suppose to be tangent with other page elements, is suppose to look like it's hang when placed at the top of a page. Although this was a violation of the brand standards we made an exception since it was temporary.

  38. adobe-echosign-website-redesign-phase-2-homepage

    Adobe EchoSign Website Redesign Phase 2 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  39. adobe-echosign-web-site-page-template-redesign

    Adobe EchoSign Website Redesign Phase 2 Page Template Design and Development

    Project Description: As part of the merger with Adobe I helped evolve the echosign.com brand look-and-feel with the Adobe brand standards. This effort included updating the global header and footer on the website a couple times. The site was eventually migrated to their Adobe CQ5 Web Content Management platform (formerly Day Software) to allow reuse of their standard templates and help preserve the Adobe brand presentation across the enterprise of various web sites.

  40. echosign-white paper-nov2011

    Adobe EchoSign White Papers and Data Sheets

    Project Description: Occasionally I created or updated white papers and data sheets in PDF format on various topics. The overall design and layout were based on Adobe brand standards.

  41. adp-screen-composit

    ADP Shareholder Communication Trends Demo

    Project Description: This app demonstrated the kinds of insights ADP could provide based on their data at a conference. The project was managed through a small agency named Printz in San Francisco and developed in Java. Creating the x, y coordinates for each line of text took some time but helped the developer get things in the right place without having to just eye the positions.

  42. adteractive-freeblackrazrteal

    Adteractive “Be The First To Get The Motorola RAZR V3c Free!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  43. adteractive-freecatchtheturkeyrestarauntgiftcard

    Adteractive “Catch The Turkey! Receive A Free $500 Grocery Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  44. adteractive-gcikea250

    Adteractive “Claim A Free $250 IKEA Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  45. adteractive-freeipodnanoblackgreen

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Free Apple iPod nano” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  46. adteractive-freekodakv5500digitalcamera

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Please Claim Your Free Kodak Zoom Digital Camera Now” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  47. adteractive-freeyearofgroceries

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Please Claim Your Free Year Of Groceries!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  48. adteractive-freeps3vsxbox360

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Which FREE Gaming Console Do You Prefer?” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  49. adteractive-free500babyshoppingspree

    Adteractive “Free $500 Baby Shopping Spree!” Campaign

    Project Description: Everybody loves babies. :)

  50. adteractive-freeholidaybabyshoppingspree

    Adteractive “Free $500 Baby Shopping Spree” Holiday Season Themed Gift Card Campaign

    Project Description: Using an image of a happy baby to get attention and create that warm fuzzy feeling.

  51. adteractive-email-guygirl500fashioncard

    Adteractive “Free $500 Designer Clothing Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  52. adteractive-free500gcelectronics

    Adteractive “Free $500 Electronics Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  53. adteractive-gc500homeimprovement

    Adteractive “Free $500 Home Improvement Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  54. adteractive-free500targetgc

    Adteractive “Free $500 Target Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  55. adteractive-gc500weightloss

    Adteractive “Free $500 Weight Loss Gift Certificate” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  56. adteractive-freepanasonicplasmatv

    Adteractive “Free 42 Inch Panasonic Plasma Television” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  57. adteractive-freeappleipodnano

    Adteractive “Free Apple iPod nano” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  58. adteractive-freedesignerhandbags

    Adteractive “Free Designer Handbags and Pursues” Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Dior Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  59. adteractive-freelevis501jeans

    Adteractive “Free Levi’s 501 Jeans” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  60. adteractive-louisvuittoncombo

    Adteractive “Free Louis Vuitton Handbag and Wallet!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  61. adteractive-freemobiblucubemp3player

    Adteractive “Free mobiBLU Cube MP3 Player” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  62. adteractive-freeappleipodvideo

    Adteractive “Free New Apple iPod” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  63. adteractive-freesatelliteradiosxmorsirius

    Adteractive “Free Sirius or XM Satellite Radio” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  64. adteractive-sonybravia32hdtv

    Adteractive “Free Sony Bravia 32 Inch HDTV” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  65. adteractive-freemotorlablackrazrphone

    Adteractive “Free Special Edition Black Motorola RAZR Phone” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  66. adteractive-freemotorolapinkrazrphone

    Adteractive “Free Special Edition Pink Motorola RAZR Phone” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  67. adteractive-freesonydvdcamcorder

    Adteractive “FREE! Sony DVD Handycam Camcorder” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  68. adteractive-freexbox360gameconsole

    Adteractive “FREE! XBox 360 Next Generation Gaming Console” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  69. adteractive-needmoneyforbills

    Adteractive “Need Money To Pay Your Bills?” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  70. adteractive-email-fgw_motorola_itunes_phone

    Adteractive “NEW Motorola iTunes Phone FREE!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  71. adteractive-freehplaptopzd8000

    Adteractive “Please Claim Your Free Gift! HP Pavilion zd8000 Laptop PC” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  72. adteractive-sony-vaio-campaign-banner-ads-preview

    Adteractive “Please Claim Your Free Sony Vaio Notebook PC!” Campaign

    Project Description: Banner ad animation loops 5 times then stops. To replay, you might have to force-reload the page to refresh browser cache.

  73. adteractive-vermontteddybear

    Adteractive “Please Claim Your Free Vermont Teddy Bear!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  74. adteractive-freelaptopofferssonygatewayhp

    Adteractive “Please Select Your Free Laptop PC!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  75. adteractive-freemultimp3playeroffer

    Adteractive “Please Select Your FREE MP3 Player!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  76. adteractive-freekmartfamily500giftcard

    Adteractive “Special Offer Announcement - Free $500 Kmart Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  77. adteractive-freechocolates

    Adteractive “Special Promotion - Free Chocolates!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  78. adteractive-freecouchsurveypriglesdoritos

    Adteractive “Take Our National Survey!” Pringles vs. Doritos Couch Potato Snack Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  79. adteractive-free-xbox-360-hotchick-banner-ads-preview

    Adteractive Free XBox 360 Campaign Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  80. adteractive-freegiftworld-tomkat-xbox360-banner-ad-previews

    Adteractive FreeGiftWorld “Will They Last?” Survey

    Project Description: Animation loops 10 times then stops. Reload page if you want to replay.

  81. adteractive-freegiftworld-applebees-banner-ad-previews

    Adteractive FreeGiftWorld Applebee’s Campaign

    Project Description: Animation loops 10 times then stops. Reload page if you want to replay.

  82. adteractive-email-gc500postholidayspree

    Adteractive Post Holiday Shopping Spree “Free $500 Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  83. aol-channel-art-for-the-sharper-image

    AOL Channel Art for The Sharper Image

    Project Description: Visual design created based on The Sharper Image corporate look and feel. Since I had previously worked on other marketing vehicles for them I was already familiar with their brand standards which helped make this project a success.

  84. aol-america-online-channels-screen

    AOL Channels Screen

    Project Description: One of the iterations I worked on for AOL version 3. This version might have been too “cyber” looking and the text on the buttons is dithering oddly I think. Another designer came up with the final version which used oval shaped buttons which had a friendlier feel and was less technical looking.

  85. aol-family-computing-channel

    AOL Family Computing Channel

    Project Description: One of AOL’s most popular areas in version 3 was the Family Computing channel including it's chatting forums and games. The screen design integrated lots of visual eye candy to peek users interest to explore the different areas and get more intimate with the various subjects.

  86. aol-internet-adventure-cdrom-001-main-menu

    AOL Internet Adventure CD-ROM Interface Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  87. AOL Internet Adventure Logo

    AOL Internet Adventure Logo

    Project Description: This is the opening bumper animation that plays when the application first loads. I created the frames in Photoshop and a video editor created the clip. The producer and video editor came up with a great sound also which rings in the opening with a chime.

  88. aol-live-channel-logo-1200×1200

    AOL Live Channel Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  89. aol-live-channel-01

    AOL Live! Channel

    Project Description: AOL Live! was the TV Guide for online events and the design needed to inform and entice users in an organized manner while keeping track of everything going on. I worked on developing the graphics for the main channel screen and sub-screens.

  90. AOL Netscape Navigator Integration Navigation Map

    AOL Netscape Navigator Integration Navigation Map

    Project Description: None yet.

  91. aol-netscape-navigator-integration

    AOL Netscape Navigator Screen

    Project Description: None yet.

  92. aol-powerpac-02-main-menu-screen

    AOL PowerPac CD Interface Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  93. aol-productions-logo-1200×1200

    AOL Productions Logo

    Project Description: I created the final version based on an idea the CEO had after I had presented several initial designs from myself and a couple designer friends. This direction especially made sense to me after I got to review a lot of the outside agency submissions which were creating a whole new visual language that looked unrelated to the traditional AOL brand.

  94. aol-the-sporting-news-01-main-menu-screen

    AOL The Sporting News Channel Screens

    Project Description: None yet.

  95. aol-travel-channel

    AOL Travel Channel

    Project Description: None yet.

  96. aol-travel-channel-logo-1200×1200

    AOL Travel Channel Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  97. ApartmentSearch.com City Region Based A/B Landing Page Test Variation 1

    ApartmentSearch.com Region Based A/B Landing Page Test Variations

    Project Description: None yet.

  98. Apartment Search Search Interface Options

    ApartmentSearch.com Search Flow UX Design

    Project Description: Alternate search user experiences wireframed and presented after doing initial design research and competitive analysis. Wireframes show search interfaces which allow users to locate properties they might be interested in by manually entering search keywords, clicking categories, selecting their solution (persona) type, rating importance of features, and other methods. Criteria could also be expanded or minimized depending on how detailed users wanted to get when selecting their needs. Screenshots and walkthroughs of competition were presented to make sure we were providing a familiar, expected, common search interface pattern yet also improving the experience for users.

  99. Apartment Search: SEO Property Name Keyword Focused Landing Page

    ApartmentSearch.com SEO Landing Pages

    Project Description: None yet.

  100. apartmentsearch-consumer-services-site-map

    ApartmentSearch.com Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  101. apple-printer-sample-for-color-stylewriter-pro-fast-color

    Apple Point-of-Purchase Printer Samples

    Project Description: Apple use to make printers that were sold in stores such as Circuit City and Best Buy. Some printer displays would have a special button attached so customers could push it and see the printers in-action printing a sample page. This project also included a custom counter-top standee display with tabbed laminated pages that customers could flip though to view more samples and read detailed product specifications (wish I documented those along with that cool industrial design!). Art Director: Mark Drury.

  102. arthroscopy-seminar-brochure-design

    Arthroscopy Seminar Brochure Design

    Project Description: This tri-fold brochure mailer combined some interesting design elements. Such as the third panel which opened to reveal a large stripe of gold ink presenting the special speakers and faculty names. It was great we had a budget to use the gold ink which helped elevate conceptually how notable the event was. By abstracting and stylizing the technical illustration of a knee we created a unique look and a shape which worked perfectly as a die cut cover. This is one of those projects where we would hang out in the back at Kinko’s banging away on their fancy Apple Quadra computers paying to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop by the hour. I would push around elements on the screen, try different colors, swap in and out different illustrations we had found, until something clicked and looked good. Art Director: Lane Hiers

  103. assembled-fashion-website-home-page

    AssembledFashion.com Website

    Project Description: Assembled Fashion was a brief sub-brand of General Assembly created for this fashion themed conference. Initially when my client had the fashion conference idea I had started designing an entirely different looking website. But as General Assembly became involved with putting on the conference I adopted they're look and feel. It's always an interesting experience adopting another designers look and feel and discovering a new style to work with.

  104. b2b-busines-to-business-logo-mark-1200×1200

    B2B Logo Mark

    Project Description: The client needed something to distinguish a subject area of their conference events specifically meant for business-to-business marketing professionals. After trying a few arrangements of the letters I came up with this pretty quickly and applied colors and a style that fit in with the rest of the brand so it still looked related to the event.

  105. dont-drink-and-drive-graphic-symbol-1200×1200

    BACtrack “Don’t Drink and Drive” Graphic Symbol

    Project Description: Created initially as something to use on an empty page in product manuals. If the folios required x number of pages and the content filled less than that we needed something that looked relevant to add. On some projects I would add a “Notes” page or something similar. I avoid having one of those “This page intentionally left blank.” statements which aren't inspiring or informative. This graphic became useful on additional projects such as advertisements and product packaging also.

  106. bactrack-breathalyzer-mouthpieces-10pcs-international-packaging

    BACtrack 10 Piece Breathalyzer Mouthpiece International Packaging

    Project Description: Showing production art with bleed and magenta spot color keyline indicating die-cut shapes.

  107. BACtrack 10×20 Conference Booth Background Graphic 2009

    BACtrack 20×10 Serpentine Conference Booth Background Graphic

    Project Description: None yet.

  108. BACtrack 10×20 Conference Booth Graphics 2008

    BACtrack 8x8 Conference Booth Graphics

    Project Description: None yet.

  109. bactrack-b70-packaging-clamshell-design

    BACtrack B70 Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  110. bactrack-b70-counter-display-standee

    BACtrack B70 Counter Display for Auto Parts Stores

    Project Description: None yet.

  111. bactrack-b70-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack B70 Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  112. bactrack-b70-branded-owners-manual-1

    BACtrack B70 Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Project Description: None yet.

  113. bactrack_0045_large

    BACtrack B70 Product and Lifestyle Photoshoot – 26 Examples

    Project Description: As Art Director on this project I made recommendations for selecting the photographer, models, and shooting locations. Direction included letting the photographer know the type of lighting we wanted to try (based on his previous work), clothing options for the models to bring (flat colors with minimal patterns that don’t look busy), position of the models based on various scenarios (such as facing the camera, other models, or towards the product), and angles for shooting long shots with less background cropping along and closeups with products held close. Having a budget and being able to work with a pro photographer helped a lot. We were able to achieve the visual style we were going for in addition to just getting lots of shots at different angles and situations to work with. By giving the photographer room to also direct models and get creative within the scenarios as the shoot progressed we were able to create additional unplanned image assets that otherwise could not have been imagined beforehand. Wonderfully rewarding collaboration I'd say! Some photos I also later retouched by adding digital readouts on the screens, glows, removing backgrounds, dodging and burning areas, spot removals and so on which can take some time. This collection shows a few pre-retouching and a few after retouching. By including some time for the photographer and models to improvise and get creative during the shoot, the resulting outcome was definitely improved and better than expected overall. We created a *lot* of valuable images for the client, affiliates, and press to use in promoting the products visually on the website, in ads, on TV, print, and other media.

  114. bactrack-b70-clamshell-alctester-onwhite-01

    BACtrack B70 Product Photos – 9 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  115. bactrack-b70-quick-start-guide-1

    BACtrack B70 Quick Start Guide

    Project Description: None yet.

  116. bactrack-b70-packaging-box-design

    BACtrack B70 Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  117. bactrack-b70-breathalyzer-shipper-tray-3d-mockup

    BACtrack B70 Shipper Tray Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  118. bactrack-b70-breathalyzer-shipper-tray-sheet

    BACtrack B70 Shipper Tray Marketing Sheet for Retailers

    Project Description: None yet.

  119. bactrack-b70-white-packaging-box-design

    BACtrack B70 White Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  120. bactrack-breathalyzer-in-the-press-information-sheet-front

    BACtrack Breathalyzer “In The Press” Information Sheet

    Project Description: We had lots of source material documenting media coverage of the companies breathalyzer products. I was responsible for updating the “In The Press” on the web site for example and would create PDFs that could be downloaded of the articles. Getting the actually newspapers with the articles to scan in helped make the reviews seem all the more authentic and trustworthy. Assembling a collage of the prominent news reports and TV shows which the products appeared on created great piece in itself which helped convey how necessary and important the products are.

  121. bactrack-breathalyzer-header-logo-animation

    BACtrack Breathalyzer Header Logo Animation

    Project Description: A simple animation aiming to help viewers understand were the letters BAC are derived from in the brand name BACtrack.

  122. bactrack-breathalyzer-media-disk-mockup

    BACtrack Breathalyzer Media Disk Mockup

    Project Description: The media disk could be mailed to journalists at magazines and other media outlets as part of a ”media kit” to provide product marketing sheets, company information, high-resolution imagery, and other assets. We also created an area on the website where media and affiliates can download assets whenever needed to help promote each of the breathalyzer products

  123. bactrack-breathalyzer-mouthpiece-3d-model-render-01

    BACtrack Breathalyzer Mouthpiece 3D Model

    Project Description: Photographing the small mouthpieces used on some breathalyzer models took some macro-photography ”field of focus“ and Photoshop focus-stack know-how. As an alternative I created a few 3D models of the mouthpieces which could be more easily angled before rendering and looked a little more high-tech or slicker than the actual plastic versions.

  124. bactrack-breathalyzer-mouthpiece-marketing-sheet

    BACtrack Breathalyzer Mouthpiece Marketing Sheet for Retailers

    Project Description: None yet.

  125. bactrack-dr-phil-show-20100218

    BACtrack Breathalyzer on Dr. Phil TV Show: Video Clip Edit for “In The Press” Page

    Project Description: Example of editing a TV show video which my client would appear on down to a short version which highlights key segments featuring the clients product for use on a company press page. Basic fade-in, fade-out, and trim edits are all that’s usually needed.

  126. bactrack-msnbc-today-show-breathalyzer

    BACtrack Breathalyzer on MSNBC Today Show: Video Clip Edit for “In The Press” Page

    Project Description: Example of editing a TV show video which my clients product appeared on down to a shorter version which highlights key segments featuring the product for use on a company press page. Basic fade-in, fade-out, and trim edits are all that’s usually needed.

  127. bactrack-mythbusters-drunk-breathalyzer-episode2

    BACtrack Breathalyzer on MythBusters TV Show: Video Clip Edit for “In The Press” Page

    Project Description: Example of editing a TV show video which my clients product appeared on down to a shorter version which highlights key segments featuring the product for use on a company press page. Basic fade-in, fade-out, and trim edits are all that’s usually needed.

  128. bactrack-breathalyzers-technology-logos

    BACtrack Breathalyzers Technology Logo Designs

    Project Description: None yet.

  129. bactrack-breathalyzers-homepage-2006

    BACtrack Breathalyzers Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  130. bactrack-free-standing-floor-display-standee-preview

    BACtrack Free Standing Floor Display Standee

    Project Description: None yet.

  131. bactrack-in-store-display-3d-walk-around

    BACtrack In-Store Floor Display Design 3D Walkaround

    Project Description: Here I’ve created a 3D walk-around to demonstrate form and design for a floor display to provide some sense of what the experience will be.

  132. bactrack-mouthpiece-photo-02

    BACtrack Mouthpiece Macro Product Photos – 6 Examples

    Project Description: Photographing the small mouthpieces used on some breathalyzer models took some macro-photography ”field of focus“ and Photoshop focus-stack know-how. After learning techniques and investing in some equipment I was able to get just the shot I wanted though and these became useuful on a range of product marketing materials.

  133. bactrack-newspaper-ad-pepboys

    BACtrack PepBoys Newspaper Ad

    Project Description: Quick project created for BACtrack and also needed to be approved by PepBoys before running.

  134. backtrack-officemax-planogram-end-cap-rough-mockup

    BACtrack Planogram End Cap Shelf Planner Mockup for OfficeMax

    Project Description: None yet.

  135. bactrack-b90-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack Pro B90 Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  136. bactrack-pro-b90-retail-box-packaging-design-printer-art-1

    BACtrack Pro B90 Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  137. bactrack-product-lineup-illustrations

    BACtrack Product Lineup Illustrations

    Project Description: None yet.

  138. bactrack-select-s75-pro-international-owners-manual-1

    BACtrack S75 Pro International Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Project Description: None yet.

  139. bactrack-select-breathalyzer-mouthpieces-marketing-sheet

    BACtrack Select Breathalyzer Mouthpieces Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  140. bactrack-select-s30-background-art-previews

    BACtrack Select S30 Background Art Alternates

    Project Description: While working on designing the look for a brands product packaging, advertising, and other materials, sometimes I save out a few graphic assets separately to be added to the companies media assets web page. The media assets page provided a place for affiliates, retails, and other vendors to download approved imagery to use in promoting products. Besides product photos, logos, and marketing sheets, the media assets page would also include images such as these which show the product closeup on an interesting background and alternates that leave room for adding text if needed.

  141. bactrack-select-s30-clamshell-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S30 Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  142. bactrack-select-s30-clamshell-international-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S30 International Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  143. bactrack-select-s30-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack Select S30 Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  144. bactrack-select-s30-owners-manual-1

    BACtrack Select S30 Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Project Description: None yet.

  145. bactrack-s30-product-photo-img0720

    BACtrack Select S30 Product Photos – 13 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  146. bactrack-select-s30-retail-box-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S30 Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  147. bactrack-select-s50-clamshell-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S50 Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  148. bactrack-select-s50-clamshell-50mpths-1

    BACtrack Select S50 Costco Oversized Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  149. bactrack-select-s50-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack Select S50 Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  150. bactrack-select-s50-owners-manual-1

    BACtrack Select S50 Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Project Description: None yet.

  151. bactrack-s50-product-photo-img1270

    BACtrack Select S50 Product Photos – 27 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  152. bactrack-select-s50-box-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S50 Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  153. bactrack-select-s70-clamshell-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S70 Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  154. bactrack-select-s70-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack Select S70 Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  155. bactrack-select-s70-owners-manual-1

    BACtrack Select S70 Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Project Description: None yet.

  156. bactrack-s70-product-photo-img1211

    BACtrack Select S70 Product Photos – 21 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  157. bactrack-select-s70-box-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S70 Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  158. bactrack-select-s75-clamshell-50mpths-1

    BACtrack Select S75 Costco Oversized Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  159. bactrack-select-s75-pro-costco-halfpage-ad-previews

    BACtrack Select S75 Pro Costco Half Page Ad Variations

    Project Description: None yet.

  160. bactrack-select-s75-pro-international-retail-box-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S75 Pro International Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  161. bactrack-select-s75-pro-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack Select S75 Pro Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  162. bactrack-s75pro-product-photo-img2255

    BACtrack Select S75 Pro Product Photos – 16 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  163. bactrack-select-s75-pro-box-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S75 Pro Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  164. bactrack-select-s80-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack Select S80 Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  165. bactrack-select-s80-owners-manual-1

    BACtrack Select S80 Owners Manual Instruction Booklet

    Project Description: None yet.

  166. s80-product-photo-with-cop

    BACtrack Select S80 Product Photos – 17 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  167. bactrack-select-s80-box-packaging-design

    BACtrack Select S80 Retail Box Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  168. bactrack-select-series-tower-display-header-card

    BACtrack Select Series POP Tower Display Header Card Design

    Project Description: Showing bleed with magenta spot color indicating die-cut keyline.

  169. bactrack-packaging-design-b70-shipper-3d-walk-around

    BACtrack Shipper Tray Countertop Display Design 3D Walkaround

    Project Description: This 3D walk-around provides a demonstration of the design for a table-top display which is shipped to retailers. The walkaround provides some idea of what the experience will be looking at the shape and graphics placed on the outside of the display.

  170. bactrack-singleshot-blister-packaging-and-header-cards

    BACtrack SingleShot Blister Packaging and Header Cards

    Project Description: None yet.

  171. bactrack-singleshot-clip-strip-header-card-front-view

    BACtrack SingleShot Clip Strip Header Card

    Project Description: None yet.

  172. bactrack-singleshot-24pack-1

    BACtrack SingleShot Costco Oversized Clamshell Packaging Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  173. bactract-singleshot-fold-out-instruction-sheet

    BACtrack SingleShot Fold-Out Instructions

    Project Description: None yet.

  174. bactrack-singleshot-marketing-sheet-1

    BACtrack SingleShot Marketing Sheet

    Project Description: None yet.

  175. bactrack-singleshot-product-photo-2355

    BACtrack SingleShot Product Photos – 40 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  176. BACtrack Tradeshow Postcard Front

    BACtrack Tradeshow Postcard

    Project Description: None yet.

  177. barra-net-analytics-sub-page

    BARRA Net Analytics Sub Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  178. barra-net-home-page

    BARRA Net Homepage

    Project Description: None yet.

  179. barranet-home-page-animation-1998

    BARRA Net Homepage Animation

    Project Description: Back in 1998 this took some advanced production optimizing the color palette so the animated gif could download as quick as possible over a 56K modem connection.

  180. barra-portfolio-home-page2

    BARRA Portfolio Homepage

    Project Description: None yet.

  181. barra-portfolio-portfolio-management-sub-page

    BARRA Portfolio: Portfolio Management Sub Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  182. self-project-bayview-security-lock-animation-640×480

    Bayview Security Logo Animation

    Project Description: None yet.

  183. best-degrees-landing-page

    BestDegrees.us Website Design

    Project Description: A project me and another guy at Yahoo! developed outside of work to see if we could sell EDU vertical leads. We used the .us domain name extension based on some insight we had that U.S. colleges have a strong appeal to non-U.S. citizens who would like to come to the U.S. for college. I tried to keep the visual design clean and simple, though the photo of the girl starring at you might be a little distracting.

  184. blue-note-records-flash-application

    Blue Note Records Flash Application

    Project Description: None yet.

  185. blufire-body-fat-analyzer-packaging-final-art-in-template

    BluFire Body Fat Analyzer Packaging

    Project Description: Showing production art with bleed and magenta spot color keyline indicating die-cut shapes and folds.

  186. blufire-digital-thermometer-clamshell-header-card-packaging-design

    BluFire Digital Thermometer Clamshell Packaging Header Card

    Project Description: Showing production art with bleed and magenta spot color keyline indicating die-cut shapes and folds.

  187. BLUFIRE Logo Design on White Background

    BluFire Logo Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  188. blufire-pedometer-packaging-header-card

    BluFire Pedometer Packaging Header Card

    Project Description: None yet.

  189. BluFire Homepage – version 2

    BluFire Website Design

    Project Description: Ecommerce website created after logo and packaging treatments where designed. I decided to use rounded shapes so the site feels more friendly than technical and I used flat shapes with no shading or shadows to create a clean, flat, uncomplicated look.

  190. breathalyzer-are-you-intoxicated-html-email-design

    Breathalyzer.net “Are You Intoxicated?” HTML Email Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  191. breathalyzer-newsletter-email-201008

    Breathalyzer.net Email Newsletter Template Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  192. breathalyzer-net-home-page-design

    Breathalyzer.net Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  193. breathalzyersuperstore-affiliate-website-homepage

    BreathalyzerSuperstore.com Affiliate Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  194. briefing-in-play-long-landing-page

    Briefing.com “Briefing In Plan” Landing Page Design

    Project Description: Created "dayparting" designs. Shorter version for daytime audience and longer version with more prose for evening/nighttime audience.

  195. Brillian Pay Insight “Pay At The Table” Brochure

    Brillian PayInSight™ “Pay At The Table” Brochure

    Project Description: None yet.

  196. Brillian Pay Insight Pay-At-The-Table Information Leaflet for Dining Customers – Back

    Brillian PayInSight™ “Pay At The Table” Leaflet for Dining Customers

    Project Description: None yet.

  197. Brillian “PCI Compliance” Postcard Mailer Front

    Brillian Postcard Mailers

    Project Description: Brillian Postcard Mailers for PayInSight, PCI Compliance, and Wireless Payment Processing

  198. BusinesSuites 2008 Landing Page Redesign

    BusinesSuites Landing Page Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  199. BusinesSuites 2008 Landing Page Redesign PPC/SEO Traffic Flow Diagram

    BusinesSuites Landing Page Redesign SEO/PPC Traffic Flow Diagram

    Project Description: None yet.

  200. BusinesSuites Email – New Property Annoucement

    BusinesSuites New Office Opening Email Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  201. BusinesSuites Office Services Landing Page for Meeting Rooms

    BusinesSuites Office Services Landing Pages

    Project Description: None yet.

  202. BusinesSuites Prospective Client Email – version 1

    BusinesSuites Prospective Client Email

    Project Description: None yet.

  203. businessuites-printed-flyer-handout-for-potential-customers

    BusinesSuites Prospective Client Printed Flyer Handout

    Project Description: None yet.

  204. BusinesSuites Homepage

    BusinesSuites Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  205. BusinesSuites 2011 Website Redesign Alternate Photo Gallery Layout and Interaction Studies

    BusinesSuites Website Redesign Alternate Photo Gallery Layout and Interaction Studies

    Project Description: Explorations analyzing 15 photo gallery layout and interaction possibilities. These initial directions were created to gauge scalability (number of photos) that could be easily presented using a small screen real estate footprint yet also keep the photo thumbnails large enough to be compelling and easy to navigate. A couple directions where then selected to present and gather feedback on from the client and learn of any exceptions they might have or additional needs before creating an interactive prototype for potential integration into the site.

  206. BusinesSuites 2011 Website Redesign Initial Subpage Wireframe Alternatives

    BusinesSuites Website Redesign Subpage Wireframes

    Project Description: As part of the overall site redesign, I created wireframes for the individual property pages along with region and market pages. After client reviews and a couple rounds of changes to the page layouts and content organization directions were narrowed down before I began work on the visual design. Eventually I created prototypes to test the look and feel and gather feedback on before make the site redesign live.

  207. calarts-mfa-2-dance-poster

    CalArts MFA II Dance Concert Poster

    Project Description: None yet.

  208. calarts-postcard-cropped

    CalArts Sticker Postcard

    Project Description: None yet.

  209. calarts-typographic-illustration

    CalArts Typographic Illustration

    Project Description: None yet.

  210. calfinder-bathroom-remodeling-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Bathroom Remodeling Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  211. calfinder-concrete-and-asphalt-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Concrete and Asphalt Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  212. calfinder-flooring-contractors-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Flooring Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  213. calfinder-home-siding-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Home Siding Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  214. calfinder-house-additions-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “House Addition Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  215. calfinder-kitchen-remodeling-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Kitchen Remodeling Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  216. calfinder-landscaping-contractors-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Landscaping Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  217. calfinder-painting-contractors-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Painting Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  218. calfinder-paving-contractors-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Paving Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  219. calfinder-remodeling-contractors-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Remodeling Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  220. calfinder-remodeling-get-free-quotes-now-banner-ad-previews

    CalFinder “Remodeling? Get Free Quotes Now” Banner Ad Designs

    Project Description: None yet.

  221. calfinder-roofing-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Roofing Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  222. calfinder-solar-panels-banner-ad-300×250

    CalFinder “Solar Panel Contractors” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  223. calfinder-claymenwidows-300×250

    CalFinder “Window Contractor” Banner Ad Creative Set – 15 sizes

    Project Description: None yet.

  224. calfinder-email-design-template

    CalFinder Email Template Design

    Project Description: After presenting four initial designs we settled on moving forward with this direction. The headline text, image on the left, button links, and supporting text could be updated (along with the email subject line) to match specific target audiences based on their potential needs such as window replacement, home remodeling, painting, roofing, siding, deck building, landscaping, and others. Images from the banner ads and landing pages were reused in the emails for branding consistency and to optimize production workflow.

  225. callfinder-home-remodeling-before-and-after-banner-ad-previews

    CalFinder Home Remodeling “Before and After” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  226. calfinder-top-local-remodeling-contractors-landing-page-mockup-01

    CalFinder House Remodeling “Top Local Contractors” Landing Page

    Project Description: Three alternate images presented for the client to consider testing and see which resonates more with the target audience.

  227. calfinder-landing-page-design-1-step-signup-version-1

    CalFinder One-Step Signup Landing Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  228. calfinder-landing-page-design-2-step-signup-version-1-previews

    CalFinder Two-Step Signup Landing Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  229. calfinder-solar-power-contractors-landing-page

    CalFinder.com Solar Power Contractors Landing Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  230. California Backpacker Informational Service Website Storyboards

    California Backpacker Informational Service Website Storyboards

    Project Description: None yet.

  231. california-special-opymipics-invitation-mailer

    California Special Olympics Invitation

    Project Description: A co-working friend of mine was involved with CSO and asked if I could help with that years invitations. The CSO logo was already designed and I echoed it's shape to create a simple clean background. It was exciting to think my work would be sent to the Kennedy's and other high profile people. This was the first time I had done any serious work for a non-profit and handled the project very business like making sure I received the non-profit corporate tax-exempt id and by negotiating the amount I could right off.

  232. chamberlin-associates-brochure-for-hopyard-plaza-office-space-real-estate

    Chamberlin Associates Hopyard Plaza Office Space Real Estate Brochure

    Project Description: None yet.

  233. choiceseats-baseball-live-view-with-pitch-tracker

    ChoiceSeat In-Stadium Interactive Touch-Screen Design

    Project Description: Touch-screens attached to individual stadium seats, in club lounges, media areas, and suites. Developed for potential use at professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey facilities in the U.S. From Intel press release “Using ChoiceSeat, a fan can direct an interactive sports experience. At live events, 10-inch touch-screen monitors integrated into seat backs [or gooseneck mounts] offer features to make the game experience more interesting, informative and convenient. Fans can select from multiple camera angles, replays, real-time and historical statistics, team and venue information, or purchase merchandise and concessions. Interactive advertising and e-business capabilities are integrated into ChoiceSeat programming.”

  234. cisco-webex-cd-insert-direction-1

    Cisco WebEx CD

    Project Description: Box sticker went on the outside of Linksys and NetGear router product packaging and the CD was inserted into the box to encourage folks who buy routers to try WebEx. You could see the NetGear routers with the sticker on the shelves in stores such as Fry’s Electronics.

  235. cisco-webex-customer-success-story-case-study-example-front

    Cisco WebEx Customer Success Story Case Study Example

    Project Description: InDesign template was originally created by another designer. Occasionally I created new versions when needed by replacing text, images, and links while working with the product manager (such as to request a better customer logo sometimes), the copywriter, and then gathered feedback/sign-offs from the art director before creating the final interactive PDF for distribution.

  236. cisco-webex-conference-display-banner-panel-2008

    Cisco WebEx Floor Display Banner for Conference Event

    Project Description: Design created in-house based on brand guidelines.

  237. cisco-webex-free-trial-step-2-version-1

    Cisco Webex Free Trial Signup Step 2 Form, Multi-variant Test Variations

    Project Description: To help explain what I was working on and the user experience which I based my decisions on, I created a quick user flow diagram showing screenshots along with short text explanations of the user journey both before and after interacting with the sign-up screens I was working on. This helped focus decisions to specific areas, optimize content to improve user experience, and identify most effective opportunities for multi-variant testing. Each of the variations were based on learnings from other Cisco Webex products, team input/feedback, plus learnings I incorporated from studying best practices in form design, lead generation, and UX marketing design.

  238. cisco-webex-meetings-plus-summer-campaign-email

    Cisco WebEx Meetings Plus Summer Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  239. cisco-webex-meetings-plus-summer-campaign-mockups

    Cisco WebEx Meetings Plus Summer Campaign Prototypes and Mockups Presentation

    Project Description: Shows placement of “Meetings Plus $59 Special Package” promo graphic on the homepage, product pages, emails and associated landing pages, emails, and banner ads used to generate new subscribers. This presentation format worked well for capturing feedback in meetings when printed in landscape format since just one section printed per page and left room on the side to write notes about any changes discussed.

  240. cisco-webex-meetmenow-banner-ads

    Cisco WebEx MeetMeNow Banner Ads

    Project Description: A few of the various banners I created based on the brand guidelines for use on the company website.

  241. cisco-webex-meetmenow-co-branded-product-page-design

    Cisco WebEx MeetMeNow Co-branded Product Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  242. cisco-webex-meetmenow-and-pcnow-useful-tips-dialogs

    Cisco WebEx Modal Dialogs with “Useful Tips” Tutorials

    Project Description: These dialogs would appear in MeetMeNow and PCNow web based application portals to assist and educate users. The modals would appear during events such as during the new user on-boarding process, when a new session is initiating, when the free trial is about to expire, when the credit card is about to expire, when there's a browser plugin update available, and after a session has ended. I created the look of the dialogs based on the visual gradient of some other areas in the products then created and stylized the icons indicating info, alert, and timely message topics. The “Useful Tips” area presented a Flash based slideshow I created by assembling screenshots from the products and adding text explanations in the overlayed green speech bubbles which animated in along with indicators pointing to the different subject areas of the users screen, such as where users can create a desktop shortcut.

  243. cisco-webex-pcnow-banner-ads

    Cisco WebEx PCNow Banner Ads

    Project Description: A few of the various banners I created based on the brand guidelines for use on the company website.

  244. ClubVDO Logo

    ClubVDO Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  245. ClubVDO Website Wireframe – Home Page

    ClubVDO Website Wireframes

    Project Description: None yet.

  246. cnet-gamecenter-ecstatica-2-fat-medieval-action-article-graphics

    CNET GameCenter Ecstatica 2 Article Graphics

    Project Description: None yet.

  247. cnet-gamecenter-game-pcs-hardware-article-graphics

    CNET GameCenter Game PCs Article Graphics

    Project Description: None yet.

  248. cnet-gamecenter-online-gaming-spectacular-article-graphics

    CNET GameCenter Online Gaming Spectacular Article Graphics

    Project Description: None yet.

  249. Commtouch Conference Booth Panel

    Commtouch Conference Booth Graphics

    Project Description: None yet.

  250. contractorsbid-landing-page

    ContractorsBid Microsite

    Project Description: None yet.

  251. cuc-best-buys-superstore-shoppers-advantage-logos

    CUC Shoppers Advantage Best Buys Catalog Online Superstore

    Project Description: Developed graphics for main menu and sub-screens. 3 months

  252. dahbe-cosmetics-initial-logo-mark-sketches

    Dahbé Cosmetics Logo Mark

    Project Description: This was a short project for a startup I worked on while in college. Creating the playful gestural illustrations was fun. After creating several of the elements by hand through various analog techniques, I cut them out and pasted-up my favs by hand to create somewhat abstract forms related to beauty, fashion, and cosmetics. Then I shot composites using a stat camera. The stat camera was one of those big cameras that included a long rail, perhaps ten feet, with a swivel mount to place your artwork on and a rotating door leading to a dark room with only a red light and a focus window to view your artwork on before placing a large piece of Agfa or Fuji film for exposure. You could put a magnifying loop on the focus window while cranking a gear about waist heigh to fine tune the distance of your artwork and sharpness (I usually just eyeballed it though). Final presentation was a 24x36 film negative spray-painted metallic gold on the back then mounted on poster board. It looked kinda shiny and slick I thought at the time. Once in the early ’90s I applied for a job at Bijan on Rodeo Drive in L.A. and was called in to interview personally. This is one of the pieces the interviewer walked out of the room with to show to someone I never met before returning and asking to see more. After that I always figured maybe I should save this technique for a potential future project.

  253. dailydealsummit-2011-save-the-date-email-2010

    Daily Deal Summit “Save The Date” Email

    Project Description: None yet.

  254. daily-deal-summit-125×125-banner-ads

    Daily Deal Summmit 125×125 Animated Gif Ads – Four Versions

    Project Description: These loop forever just for demo purposes. Final version only loops three times.

  255. dailydealsummit-attending-company-logo-collage

    DailyDealSummit.com Attending Company Logo Collage

    Project Description: Graphic created for use in email newsletters, on the website, and print to promote the event and sponsoring companies.

  256. dailydealsummit-west-home-page

    DailyDealSummit.com Website

    Project Description: None yet.

  257. dan-poynor-design-business-card-front-cropped

    Dan Poynor Design Business Card

    Project Description: None yet.

  258. dan-poynor-design-postcard-1992-front-on-white

    Dan Poynor Design Services Self Promotion Postcard

    Project Description: None yet.

  259. DebtRelief.org Landing Page

    DebtRelief.org Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  260. font-descent

    Descent Font

    Project Description: None yet.

  261. Direct Marketing Confidential Email Template Design

    Direct Marketing Confidential Email Newsletter Template Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  262. direct-marketing-confidential-website-initial-wireframes-1

    Direct Marketing Confidential Website Design

    Project Description: The DMconfidential.com site evolved from a marketing blog that was purchased and by integrating existing enterprise efforts from other sites which included adding multiple content authors, expanded topic areas including featured content, and integrating with existing promotional efforts and jobs database. After creating a half dozen wireframe layouts, visual design began on the overall look and feel. After about half a dozen visual designs were considered a look was chosen and prototyped before creating a prototype and integrating with a WordPress CMS. After launch adjustments were made to finalize the design and code before handing off to an internal team to manage the site.

  263. DIRECTV NFL “Make Your Move” SuperFan Email

    DIRECTV Email Campaigns

    Project Description: None yet.

  264. calfinder-discount-kitchen-remodeling-landing-page

    Discount-Kitchen-Remodeling.com Landing Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  265. calfinder-discount-window-replacement-landing-page

    Discount-Window-Replacement.com Landing Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  266. dmconfidential-website-initial-wireframes-version-01-home

    DMconfidential.com Newsletter Subscriber Signup

    Project Description: None yet.

  267. echosign-achieve-happiness-free-trial-banner-ad-previews

    EchoSign “Achieve Happiness” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  268. echosign-last-day-of-the-quarter-campaign-banner-ads-1-preview

    EchoSign “Last Day of the Quarter” Campaign Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  269. echosign-waiting-for-offer-send-sign-done-banner-ad-previews

    EchoSign “Waiting for Offers” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  270. echosign-best-of-appexchange-poster

    EchoSign AppExchange “Best Of” Award Poster

    Project Description: 24x36 poster created to hang around the office. There was an earlier version with drop shadows on the medallions similar to the JMP “Hot 100” awards poster badges. I think the client didn't want the drop shadows in the version though.

  271. echosign-send-and-sign-documents-online-with-woman-click-through-landing-page

    EchoSign Click-Through Landing Pages

    Project Description: None yet.

  272. echosign-conference-booth-lighted-logo-panel-design-05-stats-at-top

    EchoSign Conference Booth Lighted Logo Panel Design

    Project Description: Created in Adobe Illustrator. Gathering all the latest vector art for the logos and layout them out took a little time, but it'll made sure they look sharp when printed large.

  273. echosign-electronic-signatures-value-bar-chart-banner-ad-previews

    EchoSign Electronic Signatures Value Bar Chart Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  274. echosign-traffic-failover-page-01

    EchoSign Homepage “Traffic Surge” Streamlined Fallback Page Designs

    Project Description: In case the website received too much traffic we had a couple failover plans in place, such as being able to switch to a revised homepage that was streamlined for lots of traffic. Version 1 removed the animated billboard image slider and didn't include any dynamic JSP so everything was static. In version 2 I also removed all links to internal pages including the billboard image CTA and no login plus the bottom section of the page content was removed. Version 1 HTTP resource requests went from 84 down to 41 and page weight went from ~972K to ~169K. Version 2 went down to 17 HTTP requests and ~88K page weight. Since most traffic doesn’t go through the homepage necessarily but to sub-pages directly, I could also redirect all sub-pages to the version 2 homepage if needed.

  275. echosign-home-page-billboard-image-design-example-previews

    EchoSign Homepage Billboard Image Design Examples

    Project Description: The look-and-feel for the EchoSign brand was already established by another designer. These are a few examples of the many I either created from scratch or repurposed/updated within the established standards.

  276. echosign-jmp-poster

    EchoSign JMP “Hot 100” Award Poster

    Project Description: 24x36 poster created to hang around the office.

  277. echosign-lead-capture-landing-page-design-version-with-womain

    EchoSign Lead Capture Landing Pages

    Project Description: None yet.

  278. Erbes Development Services Graphic

    Erbes Development Group Services Graphic

    Project Description: None yet.

  279. experdia-popup-ads

    Expedia Popup Ads – 4 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  280. FiftyFlowers Commerce Management System – Welcome Page

    FiftyFlowers.com eCommerce Order Management System Interface Design Proposal Mockups

    Project Description: A few quick mockups presented as a proposal for the commerce website administration and order management area of FiftyFlowers.com. By using colors that complimented the logo and improving the over layout of elements, this CMS user interface became immediately recognizable and aesthetically more pleasant to look at (and use) than interacting with the generic geeky look and feel that the engineers had initially developed.

  281. firepower-tri-fold-powerpc-logic-board-brochure

    FirePower Systems Tri-fold Power PC Logic Board Brochure

    Project Description: None yet.

  282. fonts-etc-business-card-design

    Fonts etc. Business Card Design

    Project Description: Created for a startup business idea I had way back when for designing and selling fonts. Used purple with silver metallic ink.

  283. fontsfontsfonts-logo-1200×1200

    FontsFontsFonts.com Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  284. freecreditreport-banner-ad-test-variations

    FreeCreditReport.com Credit Report Quiz Banner Ad Variations

    Project Description: The Kwanzoo quiz widget ad serves 5 questions on a topic within the ad then presents personalized results with a button linking to the advertisers website. For this banner ad test I wanted grab potential customers attention using the closeup photos of peoples faces looking directly at you. Once the banners captured users attention a compelling offer was needed to spark interest in taking the quiz, so we created at least three headline text variations to testing which was the most clicked on. After potential customers take the short quiz they are then presented one of three personalized results and the free credit report offer. 

  285. step-1-generic-default-version

    FreeGiftWorld Landing Page Templates

    Project Description: In addition to creating templates for Free Gift World (FGW) similar templates were also created for Sample Promotions Group (SPG) and Consumer Opinion Group (COG).

  286. freelancewebdesigner-header-logo-stylized

    FreelanceWebDesigner.com Logo

    Project Description: Related to the website design, this concept combines French curve shapes (a traditional design element) with an electric spark (signifying the electronic age or futuristic direction) to make it pop, giving the treatment kind of a retro Jetsons feel but still fun and futuristic.

  287. freelance-web-designer-home-page

    FreelanceWebDesigner.com Website Design

    Project Description: My old site promoting freelance services. The initial idea was to create a look that was inviting and fun to interact with but also futuristic and indicated a technical savviness, perhaps like an interface you'd see in a the Jetsons TV cartoon. This is the result of that direction which combines French curve shapes (a traditional design element) with an electric spark (signifying the electronic age or futuristic direction) to give the design element some life and make ot ‘pop’.

  288. Fujitsu Lifebook In-Store “Attract Loop” Content Flow Navigration Map

    Fujitsu Lifebook In-Store Demo Presentation

    Project Description: After reviewing the content outline, wireframing the flow, and designing individual screens I created a storyboard to explain the animation needed in written frame-by-frame form. Then I created a basic video slideshow storyboard to demonstrate some of the timing and effects we’re going for so the client and animator has a better understanding of what the final version should look like.

  289. funfunfun-festival-gif-cropped

    FunFunFun Festival Animated Gif Contest Submission

    Project Description: More of an experiment (perhaps/really) this was my contest entry submitted in an effort to get free tickets to the FunFunFun Festival.

  290. funfunfun-festival-black-stage-t-shirt-content-submission-1200×1200

    FunFunFun Festival T-shirt Contest Submission

    Project Description: Contest entry I submitted towards winning free tickets to the FunFunFun Festival in Austin.

  291. fyi-living-depression-landing-page-design-v1

    FYI Living Newsletter Sign-Up Landing Page Design

    Project Description: FYI Living was looking to improve their newsletter sign-up conversion rates for different subject areas such as fitness, nutrition, depression, pregnancy and others and needed an alternate look to test. After researching similar sites I noticed many where overly marketing oriented and tended to look kinda cheesy. I developed a few directions to avoid the typical look then narrowed down to these four initial designs to gather feedback on and potential test. These try to look more clinical news oriented and reserved in nature. They intentionally don't include photos since visitors sometimes get distracted by photos (especially of people) on landing pages and study them rather than focusing on the informational content being offered. “Clarity trumps persuasion” is a tactic worth testing in my experience, even though the simpler style doesn't necessarily look as punchy as landing page designs which include big colorful photos.

  292. geico-auto-insurance-quiz-banner-ad-screens

    GEICO Auto Insurance Quiz Banner Ad

    Project Description: The Kwanzoo quiz widget ad serves 5 questions on a topic within the ad then presents personalized results with a button linking to the advertisers website. For this version I adopted the GEICO gecko lizard image from their website along with other trade dress elements so users could immediately identify the brand and feel confident they were interacting with a reputable business that might offer them special savings.

  293. goldcash-home-page

    GoldCash.pro Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  294. grandmutual-debt-elimination-specialists-home-page

    GrandMutual Debt Elimination Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  295. grandmutual-financial-services-logo-1200×1200

    GrandMutual Financial Services Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  296. grandmutual-life-insurance-agent-locator-home-page

    GrandMutual Life Insurance Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  297. healthnet-newspaper-ad-tall

    Health Net Newspaper Ads

    Project Description: A couple examples of newspaper ads I would layout and produce for managers. Working at Health Net corporate headquarters, we produced the advertising and marketing materials used throughout the United States. Initial design templates where provided by the agency that created the overall brand directions and I maintained the style across different formats for various needs. Here's where I honed my typographic layout skills using Quark Express and became “The Quark Master”.

  298. healthnet-kiosk-scaled -mockup

    Health Net Patient Kiosk Design Mockup

    Project Description: None yet.

  299. healthnet-seniority-plus-cover

    Health Net Seniority Plus Brochure Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  300. healthnet-swag-01

    Health Net Swag

    Project Description: As the “keeper of the logo”, I was in charge of seeing the right logo was used at the right size in the right position and that someone was keeping an eye on quality of the various items created for promotional use.

  301. helmet-city-100-percent-satisfaction-guaranteed-badge

    Helmet City 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Badge

    Project Description: None yet.

  302. Helmet City – Homepage

    Helmet City eCommerce Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  303. homerun-daily-steal-banner-ad-previews

    HomeRun.com Dynamic Banner Ad Template Design

    Project Description: Created in Flash these dynamic banner ads pulled in campaign offers based on customer location and demographics. The formats needed to be flexible enough to present various amounts of text and images in ways that presented the offers clearly and didn't look awkward. We established content standards, character count limits, and image formats to be used as guidelines.

  304. hot-creative-business-card-front

    Hot Creative Business Card

    Project Description: None yet.

  305. hot-creative-logo-art

    Hot Creative Logo Art

    Project Description: None yet.

  306. hot-creative-promo-card-front

    Hot Creative Promo Card

    Project Description: None yet.

  307. hp-esp-icon-candidate-proposal

    HP Extended Service Plans (ESP) Icon Candidate Proposal

    Project Description: None yet.

  308. hp-promotional-icons-proposal

    HP Promotional Icons Proposal

    Project Description: A brief proposal created for expanding a brands visual language across interactive and print mediums by leveraging existing assets and making them available in more formats. By using a consistent look customers can more quickly identify promotions across mediums. Using different icon systems for web and print creates a more fragmented, disorganized user experience.

  309. hp-animated-gif-banner-ads-for-hpshopping

    HPShopping.com Animated Gif Banner Ads – 8 Examples

    Project Description: Examples of animated promotional banners shown throughout the year on HPshopping.com.

  310. hp-giftguide-back-to-school-dorm-room

    HPShopping.com Back-to-School Shopping Guide

    Project Description: None yet.

  311. hp-banner-ads-various-themes

    HPShopping.com Banner Ad Creative Sets – 4 Themes

    Project Description: None yet.

  312. hpshopping-digital-photography-solutions-landing-page

    HPShopping.com Digital Photography Solutions Center

    Project Description: None yet.

  313. hpshopping-com-e-financing-center-2-offers

    HPShopping.com e-Financing Center 2 Offers

    Project Description: None yet.

  314. hpshopping-email-postcard-be-first-in-line-ticket

    HPShopping.com Email Postcard “Be First In Line”

    Project Description: None yet.

  315. hp-fall-themed-shopping-email-newsletter

    HPShopping.com Fall Theme

    Project Description: None yet.

  316. hp-father-day-campaign-email

    HPShopping.com Fathers Day Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  317. hp-giftguide-gifts-for-graduates

    HPShopping.com Gift Guide

    Project Description: None yet.

  318. hpshopping-home-page-visitor-scenarios-03-returning-visitor-signed-in

    HPShopping.com Homepage Visitor Scenario Wireframes

    Project Description: Wireframes showing content scenarios that would be presented depending if a visitor was new, returning, and signed-in to the ecommerce website. Each scenario wireframe indicates content that we wanted to present along with general layout where the content would appear. This helped engineers understand what database and code development updates would be needed. Eventually scenarios were also created for customers who had previously purchased from the site and recommended products based on their previous purchases along with other user types.

  319. hpshopping-integration-showcase-navigation-flow-frames-solution

    HPShopping.com Integration Showcase Solution Wireframes

    Project Description: Remember html iframes and popup browser windows? These wireframes presented each as an option for the Digital Photography, Mobility, and Home Entertainment product showcases back in 2003. We didn't want to just link to showcase pages for some reason but we did want to keep the standard c-frame persistent.

  320. hp-pc-configurator-add-ons-page-design

    HPShopping.com PC Configurator

    Project Description: None yet.

  321. hp-pc-series-matrix-page-design

    HPShopping.com PC Series Matrix Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  322. hp-printer-series-detail-page-design

    HPShopping.com Printer Series Detail Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  323. hp-product-detail-page-pdp-design

    HPShopping.com Product Detail Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  324. hp-search-results-alternate-layout-mockups-version-01

    HPShopping.com Search Results Alternate Layout Mockups

    Project Description: None yet.

  325. hpshopping-static-banner-ad-examples

    HPShopping.com Static Banner Ads – 18 Examples

    Project Description: Examples of promotional banners shown throughout the year on HPshopping.com.

  326. hpshopping-tomi-call-center-interface-01-initial-portal-page-cropped

    HPShopping.com Telephone Order Management Interface (TOMI) Call Center Interface

    Project Description: Created as part of HPShopping's Customer Contact Management Tool, TOMI was used by telephone operators when customers called in to place or change orders. The portal provided a central area where associates can find current promotions, see featured products to promote, along with managing customer order information. This was a quick design refresh to make the interface friendlier and more usable. Because of budget and time restraints, some screens, such as the New Customer form, were not fully designed but were at least coded with semantic HTML elements. You should have seen what at looked like back in 2004 before this refresh.

  327. hp-various-onsite-product-promotion-graphics

    HPShopping.com Various Onsite Product Promotion Graphics

    Project Description: None yet.

  328. hp-graphics-coordination-between-summer-print-catalog-and-store-website

    HPShopping.com Visual Design Coordination Between Summer Print Catalog and Store Website Homepage

    Project Description: None yet.

  329. hp-graphics-coordination-between-printed-sunday-fsi-newspaper-insert-and-landing-page

    HPShopping.com Visual Design Coordination Between Sunday FSI Inserts and Store Website Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  330. hp-you-campaign-visual-design-coordination-with-store-home-page-tie-in-promo

    HPShopping.com Visual Design Coordination Between YOU Campaign and Store Website Homepage

    Project Description: None yet.

  331. hp-warehouse-sale-email-campaign

    HPShopping.com Warehouse Sale Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  332. hpshopping-website-optimization-and-scalability-presentation-preview

    HPShopping.com Website Optimization and Scalability Presentation

    Project Description: Around 2005 as web standards emerged and CSS was becoming the standard for creating and styling web page layouts, I championed the cause within HP in my department. Designers who started in print design were already familiar with using stylesheets and aware of their benefits from using programs such as Quark Express and Adobe PageMaker (similar to Adobe InDesign) when creating brochures, newsletters, catalogs, and magazines, or other types of publication designs. Business stakeholders, managers, and developers were generally less familiar with the concept of stylesheets though and this presentation aimed at informing and educating on the benefits of switching from HTML table based layouts to using CSS (or CSS-P) for positioning elements on web pages. It highlights specific benefits to the user experience (UX) (or customer experience (CX) in this case), benefits to how the brand would be perceived, plus how designers and developers workflow could be organized and optimized to reduce time spent on projects.

  333. illumination-media-logo-production-studio-1200×1200

    Illumination Media Production Studio Logo

    Project Description: Created as a favor for a friend of my boss at the time who was pitching a religious movie concept to Clint Eastwood and needed something created (with no budget) to make it appear as though she had a real production company. After sending her a few quickie directions to consider this is the final version settled on if I remember right.

  334. imvu-avatar-movie-theme-campaign-initial-test-banner-ad-direction-previews

    IMVU “Avatar” Movie Theme Campaign

    Project Description: After going through several alternate looks for the avatar – including different poses, clothing, and background environments – we settled on going with this direction and tested a few different headline and button text combinations. Based on the direction landing page tests were also done and eventually the IMVU homepage included the design in the main image rotation.

  335. imvu-avatar-keyword-focused-landing-page

    IMVU “Avatar” SEO Keyword Focused Landing Page Design

    Project Description: Here's one of six pages created to capture natural SEO search traffic for specific terms. Checking on the url after a few years I noticed the design is still used and has only received minor updates. :)

  336. imvu-Bachelorette-theme-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Bachelorette” Theme Banner Ads

    Project Description: Playing-off the TV show “The Bachelorette” which was getting a lot of press at the time. Not an actual tie-in promotion related to the show though.

  337. imvu-beach-girls-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Beach Girls” Theme Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  338. imvu-20090828-blonde-kiss-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Blonde Kiss” Banner Ads

    Project Description: With animated hearts.

  339. imvu-chictopia-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Chictopia” Banner Ads

    Project Description: Banner ads created for specific placement and audience appeal on Chictopia.com.

  340. imvu-come-hither-campaign-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Come Hither” Campaign

    Project Description: Also tested alternate colors, headlines, and button text - such as "Come Hither. You've Been Naughty". Animated Flash banner version had finger curling to get viewers attention before button pulsed to prompt viewer interaction.

  341. imvu-configurator-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Configurator” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  342. imvu-dress-up-initial-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Dress Up for Grown Ups” Campaign

    Project Description: Here we initially tested a few different taglines, models, clothing, and backgrounds using the 300x250 format. After determining which combination produced the best results additional ad sizes were created. Eventually localized versions for ten different geo-tarted audiences as well. Versions were also created to blend in with specific web site placements so they didn't stand out as being ads too much.

  343. imvu-harlequin-pose-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Harlequin Pose” Banner Ads

    Project Description: Two concepts initially created for testing before additional sizes created of the winning design direction.

  344. imvu-make-love-not-war-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Make Lover Not War” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  345. conf

    IMVU “New Years Confetti“ Theme Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  346. imvu-pool-theme-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Pool” Theme Banner Ad

    Project Description: None yet.

  347. imvu-prom-theme-banner-ad-variation-previews

    IMVU “Prom” Theme Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  348. imvu-scenes-banner-ad-frames-preview

    IMVU “Scenes” Concept Banner Ad

    Project Description: My concept with this ad was to show activities avatars can interact in, such as dancing, riding motocycles, or playing games within the virtual environment.

  349. mvu-spring-fashion-skyscrapper-banner-ad-previews

    IMVU “Spring Fashion” Skyscrapper Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  350. imvu-unleash-your-style-free-credits-offer-banner-ad-preview

    IMVU “Unleash Your Style” Free Credits Offer Banner Ad

    Project Description: None yet.

  351. imvu-white-dress-banner-ad-preview

    IMVU “White Dress” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  352. imvu-winter-couple-holiday-theme-snowflake-preview

    IMVU “Winter Couple” Seasonal Theme Banner Ad

    Project Description: Using animated falling snowflakes to grab attention plus look timely/relevant during the winter.

  353. imvu-myyearbook-get100000-previews

    IMVU Banner Ads for MyYearbook “Free Lunch Money” Campaign

    Project Description: Two banner ad directions created for specific placement using custom sizes 245x87, 393x100, 588x60, 866x318.

  354. imvu-3d-avatars-chat-roulette-landing-page

    IMVU Chat Roulette Theme Landing Page

    Project Description: Based on another designers idea for a chat roulette page design I created a landing page which allowed viewers to click through a slideshow of various avatars.

  355. imvu-email-campaign-previews

    IMVU Email Campaigns for Affiliates

    Project Description: None yet.

  356. imvu-general-avatars-banner-ad-variation-previews

    IMVU General Avatars Banner Ads

    Project Description: Most of the art in this project came from other IMVU designers or I appropriated after digging through internal servers. These test banners were created to see if viewers were particularly attracted to certain avatars more than others. I also intentionally avoided making them overly sexy (such as by avoiding showing overly exposed cleavage or a guy grabbing a girls butt) to better understand if customers were actually attracted by the virtual characters and environments or just the potential of having virtual sex with strangers. The logo is also faded back so it's less prominent and the avatars stand out (or “pop”) more.

  357. imvu-geo-targeted-city-banner-ads

    IMVU Geo-targeted U.S Cityscape Banner Ads

    Project Description: Developed as a test to appeal to audiences in specific U.S. cities. Makes a real-world connection while promoting virtual world benefits.

  358. imvu-home-page-01-short

    IMVU Homepage Design

    Project Description: Original look and design was created by someone else and occasionally we would do multivariate tests with alternate layouts and page elements. I would gather details about what we wanted to test and assemble content to create mockups and prototypes, such as these shorter or longer versions.

  359. imvu-home-page-main-image-mockup-previews

    IMVU Homepage Main Image Variation Mockups

    Project Description: IMVU had amazing designers (some might say 'illustration artists') working in-house and occasionally I'd grab art from them to format and present for potential use on the homepage. Other times I'd assemble collages using art from various sources to represent ideas from internal marketing, management, and dev folks to consider using on the homepage. We would then test - such as wether showing an individual avatar posing closeup or showing couples in activity scenes generated more clicks. Eventually there were probably another dozen or more 'hero' images I worked on while involved. This work was really inspiring design wise. Just looking at some of the original avatar compositions and background art other designers came up with plus being able to collaborate with them on compositions - really really cool stuff!

  360. imvu-free-penthouse-campaign-banner-ads

    IMVU Incentive Campaigns

    Project Description: These are few examples of “virtual goods” incentive campaigns. Wording was structured as “Free [insert productname]”, “Free 3D [insert productname]”, “Get A Free [insert productname]”, “Give A Free [insert productname]”. Associated landing pages echoed the offers and imagery used in the ads to provide confidence customers would get their free virtual product after registering.

  361. imvu-3d-chat-site-tuners-landing-page-version-01

    IMVU Landing Page Based On Site Tuners Design

    Project Description: The original landing page design was received from SiteTuners a couple weeks after a conference call and some minor back and forth discussions. General page design was based on successes previously seen when specifically sending Facebook traffic to game site signups, such as Farmville. Eventually I created the newer redesigned version which was more closely aligned with the IMVU visual language and a dedicated front-end developer optimized my initial prototype code and was able to produce even better conversion.

  362. imvu-3d-avatars-valentines-theme-landing-page-version-01

    IMVU Valentines Theme Landing Page Design

    Project Description: A timely design for Valentines day. After mocking up a few directions we settled on two versions to test.

  363. imvu-landing-page-layout-alternatives-01

    IMVU Wireframed Landing Page Layout Alternatives

    Project Description: These are some “quickie” layouts I put together to present as an initial starting point for discussions of what's needed. It helps to have something visual to kick-start the process of gathering peoples preferences (or dislikes to throw darts at). Layouts are usually based on my past experiences with similar campaigns, doing some competitive analysis, applying recent design trends, and browsing through screenshots I've collected over the years that might offer additional ideas we can leverage.

  364. inetdvd-logo-color-1200×1200

    iNetDVD.com Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  365. inetdvd-home-page

    iNetDVD.com Website

    Project Description: None yet.

  366. insightly-whitepaper-front

    Insightly “Take Control of Your Business” White Paper

    Project Description: Example of white papers I would occasionally create.

  367. insightly-quickbooks-tshirt-graphics-placement

    Insightly + Quickbooks Online Promotional T-shirt

    Project Description: None yet.

  368. insightly-300×600-banner-ad-previews

    Insightly 300×600 Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  369. insightly-blog-facelift-wireframes-01

    Insightly Blog Facelift Wireframes

    Project Description: Example of some quickie wireframes I would put together to gather initial feedback on. Insightly wanted to jazz up the initial blog page layout so it was more magazine like. The final layout was also based on how it easy was for them to manage image sizes so they appear uniformly when in rows and don't start to look stretched or compressed.

  370. insightly-conference-standee-roll-banner-previews

    Insightly Conference Standee Roll Banners

    Project Description: Quickie roll-up display banners for a conference.

  371. insightly-customer-testimonial-banner-ad-previews

    Insightly Customer Testimonial Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  372. insightly-resources-training-illustration

    Insightly End-User Training Illustration

    Project Description: Based on the style of already existing illustrations I would sometimes create new illustrations when needed. Over time some of the characters in the Insightly illustrations get reused and repurposed into different situations such as the training scenario illustrations.

  373. insightly-homepage-evolution-01-20120605

    Insightly Homepage Evolution (2013-2016)

    Project Description: From 2013 through 2016 I was the front-end developer for Insightly.com in charge of translating layered Photoshop PSD or Sketch files into HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  374. insightly-tldr-page-design

    Insightly TLDR Page

    Project Description: Page was designed by Nick at Insightly. This was not a typical page design that needed to be developed for insightly.com and required some extra Javascript such as for the Easy sectioin slider bar that would show/hide the underlying image based on window scroll or if a user dragged the scrubber and dragged it back and forth.

  375. insightly-pricing-page-01-2013-version-with-rollover

    Insightly.com Pricing Page Test Variations

    Project Description: Presented here are several iterations of the Pricing page I coded or co-designed/developed and maintained 2013 through 2016 while working with the Insightly marketing team, internal designers, and external vendors. Variations were tested using Optimizely and services such as Experiment Engine for A/B testing and conversion optimization along with KissMetrics and Google Analytics for click path tracking. Occasionally I contributed to the visual design while staying true to the look and feel of the Insightly brand. Additionally I occasionally contributed test suggestions based on best practices research, reviewing reported successes on other sites and competitive analysis. Several other versions were created as well, such as using different visual treatments for the title area and plan blurbs. etcetera.

  376. insightly-responsive-design-home-page

    Insightly.com Responsive Website Design

    Project Description: Initial layouts were created by another designer for the desktop screen width then handed-off for me to develop the alternate layouts for mobile devices. I coded layouts to be flexible so they worked on as many devices as possible. With only a couple exceptions, all pages were coded with four primary target sizes in mind beginning with the "mobile first" methodology. Additional media-query breakpoints were created when content areas within the layouts did not degrade gracefully when being resized. Standard sizes I would test and create media-queries for where 480x320 for iPhone landscape mode, 320x480 for iPhone portrait mode, 768x1024 for iPad portrait mode, and 1024x768 for iPad landscape mode and desktop use cases.

  377. gator-iwon-ad-popunder

    iWon "Win Cash" Ad Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  378. jarmedia-easy-google-money-landing-page

    JarMedia “Easy Google Money” Microsite Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  379. jarmedia-acaielite-all-natural-cleanse-free-trial-landing-page

    JarMedia AcaiElite Free Trial Microsite

    Project Description: None yet.

  380. jarmedia-intracleanse-colon-purification-formula-landing-page

    JarMedia IntraCleanse Microsite Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  381. jarmedia-reunion-jump-page

    JarMedia Reunion.com Jump Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  382. KCEA Radio 89.1 FM Flyer Mailer – Front

    KCEA Radio Station Mailer Flyer

    Project Description: None yet.

  383. keyring-breathalyzer-microsite-website-homepage

    KeyringBreathalyzer.com Microsite Website

    Project Description: None yet.

  384. khn-solutions-logo-design-lockup-1200×1200

    KHN Solutions Logo Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  385. KHN Solutions Website Design – Home Page

    KHN Solutions Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  386. kwanzoo-customer-ad-creation-experience-ea-scenario

    Kwanzoo Customer Widget Ad Development Experience

    Project Description: None yet.

  387. kwanzoo-discover-credit-card-quiz-ad-screens

    Kwanzoo Discover Credit Card Quiz Ad Screens

    Project Description: Looking back at these in retrospect I think the button on the first screen looks unfinished (should look more like the button on the final screens perhaps) and I wish the 0% and 5% offers on the final quiz result screens stood out more. These might not have been the final-final screens used though.

  388. kwanzoo-dynamic-ad-templates

    Kwanzoo Dynamic Ad Templates

    Project Description: I created iframe prototypes based on defined content needs. After testing using actual content I documented the specific image size and character count limits for each content type. 

  389. kwanzoo-dynamic-and-quiz-ad-creation-application-interface-results

    Kwanzoo Dynamic and Quiz Ad Creation Application Interface Results

    Project Description: An application developer created the customer area interface used to populate the defined content areas of the ad templates.

  390. kwanzoo-ea-gamer-quiz-ad-screens

    Kwanzoo Electronic Arts (EA) Gamer Quiz Ad

    Project Description: None yet.

  391. kwanzoo-gamezone-gamer-quiz-ad-screens

    Kwanzoo GameZone Gamer Quiz Ad

    Project Description: None yet.

  392. kwanzoo-hsbc-life-insurance-quiz-ad-screens

    Kwanzoo HSBC Life Insurance Quiz Ad

    Project Description: None yet.

  393. kwanzoo-website-redesign-overview-wireframe

    Kwanzoo Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  394. kwanzoo-website-redesign-page-wireframes

    Kwanzoo Website Redesign Page Wireframes

    Project Description: None yet.

  395. kwanzoo-widget-ad-template-guidelines

    Kwanzoo Widget Ad Template Guidelines

    Project Description: None yet.

  396. leadconfidential-website-design

    LeadConfidential.com Website Design

    Project Description: The initial look for this site design was created based on a crowd-sourced logo I received from the client. The goal was to just get something launched as quick as possible without spending much time on it so the client could start working with the template populating it with content.

  397. leadscon-landing-page-wireframes-1

    LeadsCon Landing Page Wireframes

    Project Description: None yet.

  398. leadscon-las-vegas-2010-last-week-to-save-annoucement-email

    LeadsCon Las Vegas “Last Week To Save” Announcement Email

    Project Description: None yet.

  399. leadscon-las-vegas-2009-past-attendee-registration-email

    LeadsCon Las Vegas Registration Email Sent To Past Attendees

    Project Description: None yet.

  400. leadscon-lead-generation-conference-125×125-banner-ads

    LeadsCon Lead Generation Conference 125×125 Animated Gif Ads – Five Versions

    Project Description: None yet.

  401. LeadsCon Landing Page Creator – New York Event Example

    LeadsCon.com Landing Page Creator

    Project Description: Event organizer needed an easy way to create individual landing pages for several targeted offers geared towards partners, vendors, past attendees, for speaker promotions, trade groups, magazine audiences, and the general public. Each landing page offered special discounts and was only accessible at a special link which potential customers would receive via email campaigns or see in an ad somewhere. By creating templates for the East Coast and West Coast events that could easily be updated on the backend, dozens of landing pages were created by the event manager without needing additional coding or design cycles each time.

  402. longevity-line-logo-1200×1200

    Longevity Line Logo

    Project Description: Logo created for a friend of my neighbor in Palo Alto for $150 if I remember right. It was to be used on bottle labels in stores such as Walgreens and on the website. Ultimately, I wish the project had a real budget so I could spend time to redraw the strokes illustrating the dancing figure and the logotype strokes so they matched more while keeping their gestural nature. Perhaps someday when I have some downtime I'll fix'er up.

  403. lucasfilm-indiana-jones-01

    LucasFilm Promotional Artwork for Indiana Jones

    Project Description: None yet.

  404. luminositi-logo

    Luminositi Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  405. luminosity-softcam-virtual-camera-for-pc-banner-ad-450×60

    Luminositi SoftCam “The First Virtual Camera for the PC!” Banner Ad

    Project Description: Is it weird that I show old design examples? Some of it I actually still kinda like, such as this banner direction.

  406. luminositi-website-1998-01

    Luminositi Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  407. MBNA ShopSafe Customer Email

    MBNA ShopSafe Customer Email

    Project Description: None yet.

  408. michigan-city-paper-box-company-1999-price-list-cover

    Michigan City Paper Box Company Price List

    Project Description: Art Director: Mark Drury.

  409. mobilegamingsummit-moga-2012-email-mockup

    Mobile Gaming Summit (MOGA) “Last Day To Save” Email

    Project Description: None yet.

  410. hightech-moodboards-1-colorful-light-future

    Mood Boards

    Project Description: These where created after doing an informational interview gathering initial thoughts on potential needs that would appeal to both the client and their audience. Created as part of the Web Contracts 2012 conference project I keep old mood boards around just in case I ever need them again on another project.

  411. myJV.com Brand Identity

    MyJV.com Brand Identity

    Project Description: MyJV.com introduces people to jointly fund a business enterprise. It enables financial transactions between and among an unlimited number of business partners to enable joint ventures to be executed. My goal for this project was to create a unique and identifiable graphic image along with other imagery that would form the nucleus of most, if not all of myJV.com outbound marketing efforts.

  412. myjv-branding-identity-guuidelines-cover

    MyJV.com Branding Identity Guidelines

    Project Description: A brief branding style guide put together to help insure logo and color integrity was maintained. Includes information on the brands color palette, color usage, horizontal logo, and vertical logo details including correct and incorrect usage examples in each section.

  413. myofferpal-webroot-spy-sweeper-campaign-email

    MyOfferPal: WebRoot, Spy Sweeper Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  414. narus-intelligence-product-navigation-map

    Narus Intelligence Product UX Wireframes

    Project Description: None yet.

  415. narus-network-monitoring-icon-organization

    Narus Network Monitoring Icon Organization

    Project Description: None yet.

  416. narus-product-logos3

    Narus Product Logo Buttons

    Project Description: None yet.

  417. narus-corporate-website-navigation-map

    Narus.com Corporate Website Navigation Map

    Project Description: None yet.

  418. narus-homepage-larger

    Narus.com Website Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  419. nextcustomer-brand-logo-examples

    NextCustomer Family of Brands Logo Examples

    Project Description: The original LeadsCon logo had a checkmark in a box as the logomark along with the logotype. This redesign for the NextCustomer logo was crowd sourced by my client and I was assigned to create the additional family of logos based on the new direction. Each website already had a distinct color I had developed previously and applied to the various logos. NextSubscriber had not been designed or developed yet so it's color is less thought out.

  420. NextCustomer Homepage

    NextCustomer Microsite Design

    Project Description: As more and more products were developed the NextCustomer umbrella brand was created. I created this one-page website to help visitors understand the brand organization and how products related. Adding a Press Kit section and Contact Us form streamlined access for publishers to get promotional assets and to directly contact upper management which helped facilitate successful new product launches and overall business growth. 

  421. nextcustomer-press-kit-brand-guide-cover

    NextCustomer Press Kit Brand Guide

    Project Description: None yet.

  422. dan-poynor-beat-poster-north-beach-2004

    North Beach Beat Typographic Poster

    Project Description: Created as part of a CalArts alumni art show I participated in. The show was held in the Presidio Park area of San Francisco while I was living in the North Beach neighborhood just down the street.

  423. online-gambling-casino-popup-ads

    Online Gambling Casino Banner Ads – 3 Examples

    Project Description: Hey - I didn’t invent pop-up, pop-over, pop-under ads! But did create a bunch that were pretty good a getting attention and clicks. Sometimes I wonder if I should show examples of this kind of work or even admit I contributed to creating such annoying intrusive marketing pieces. By confessing my participation in such practices perhaps I can move further away from them though. Some were kinda cool looking though.

  424. oxiclean-detergent-next-evolution-in-laundry-toss-n-go-ball-landing-page

    OxiClean Detergent Toss-N-Go Ball “The Next Evolution In Laundry” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  425. oxiclean-detergent-with-toss-n-go-dispenser-billy-mays-landing-page

    OxiClean Detergent Toss-N-Go Dispenser Campaign With Billy Mays

    Project Description: None yet.

  426. oxiclean-tictactoe-landing-page

    OxiClean Tic-Tac-Toe Theme Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  427. PBS Education Website Overview for Solar Flares Subject Area

    PBS Education Website Overview for Solar Flares Subject Area

    Project Description: None yet.

  428. peoplesoft-connect-conference-event-guidebook-cover-2003

    PeopleSoft Connect Conference Guidebook – Mailer Version

    Project Description: Created in-house at PeopleSoft based on their “Real” concept (previous attendee feedback was they wanted ‘real’ content). Other event materials were leveraged for developing guidelines on use of colors, icons, fonts, graphics and wording/adjectives, such as previously created “Save the Date” postcards and wayfinding signage, My concept was to have a continuous line run page to page to tie everything together visually and to hang content from. I then used the orange from their corporate color palette to lead the viewers eye through content areas from page to page. Multiple mailer versions were sent out to generate demand and ultimately registrations for the event by targeting audiences such as past attendees, Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, and for web download.

  429. peoplesoft-connect-conference-onsite-guide-and-agenda-cover

    PeopleSoft Connect Conference Guidebook – Onsite Version

    Project Description: This version of the guidebook was handed out at the event. The layout template with FPO text and graphics was created in InDesign and handed-off as a template to be populated by another designer nearer the event date so it could include more specific detailed information.

  430. imvu-psychographic-profile-map-segmenting-audience-types-preview

    Psychographic Profile Matrix

    Project Description: A framework I sometimes use (even if it’s just for myself) to help plot creative direction and stimulate thinking.

  431. pyrates-movie-poster-design-1991

    Pyrates Movie Poster Design

    Project Description: Early in my career it was great to see a design I contributed to get submitted along with the Art Directors and Senior Designers. One of the poster mockups I created for Pyrates included this font I picked out. I worked on a lot of other similar projects mostly doing paste-up print production work which I didn't save as portfolio pieces but sometimes wish I had.

  432. quantbench-predictive-analytics-banner-ad-previews

    QuantBench Predictive Analytics Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  433. Quotes.pro Homepage Design Screenshot

    Quotes.pro Website Design

    Project Description: Quotes.pro was all about generating sales leads for the auto, health, home, and life insurance industries. The site consisted of landing pages for the four insurance verticals plug geo-targeted landing pages based on the visitors U.S. state location. Articles and url structure included targeted keywords to help generate natural SEO traffic as well (such as if someone searched Google for "Texas auto insurance") and the geo-targeted landing pages provided relevant high-quality content (500 word crowd sourced articles) for AdWords campaigns with headlines such as "Shop Texas Auto Insurance".

  434. self-project-real-estate-course-commercial-640×480

    Real Estate Agent Training Course – Short Format Commercial

    Project Description: An exercise I created to demonstrate some of my basic video animation and editing abilities.

  435. real-time_competive_survey-template

    Real-time Competitive Analysis

    Project Description: None yet.

  436. really-great-rate-home-loans-landing-page-version-1

    ReallyGreatRate Home Loan Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  437. reallygreatrate-student-loan-landing-page

    ReallyGreatRate Student Loan Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  438. rebloom-banner-ads-300×250-12-examples

    Rebloom.com Banner Ads – 12 Versions

    Project Description: Design variations provided to the client to gather feedback and direction on towards refining to meet their messaging needs or to test and see which performed better. Concepts came from the client plus I added a few additional ideas based on related stock imagery I found and ideas generated while focusing on their brand and their marketplace.

  439. rebloom-300×250-banner-ads-8-examples

    Rebloom.com Banner Ads – 8 Versions

    Project Description: Design variations provided to the client to gather feedback and direction on towards refining to meet their messaging needs or to test and see which performed better. Concepts came from the client plus I added a few additional ideas based on related stock imagery I found and ideas generated while focusing on their brand and their marketplace.

  440. gator-referbdepot-popunder2

    RefurbDepot “Save 80%” Ad Campaign Banner Variations

    Project Description: None yet.

  441. reputationcom-ceo-busted-polaroids-banner-ad-previews

    Reputation.com “Busted” CEO Polariod Banner Concepts

    Project Description: None yet.

  442. reputation-how-accurate-is-your-online-reputation-banner-ads

    Reputation.com “How Accurate Is Your Online Reputation?” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  443. reputationcom-remove-spokeo-information-banner-ad-previews

    Reputation.com “Remove Your Spokeo Information” Banner Ad Directions

    Project Description: None yet.

  444. reputationcom-banner-ad-resizing-examples

    Reputation.com Banner Ad Resizing/Ad Breakdowns

    Project Description: 17 sizes

  445. reputationcom-fix-libelous-search-results-banner-ad-previews

    Reputation.com Fix Libelous Search Results Banner Ad Directions

    Project Description: None yet.

  446. reputationcom-free-30-day-trial-myprivacy-banner-ad-previews

    Reputation.com Free 30-Day Trial Offer Banners

    Project Description: None yet.

  447. reputation-free-checkup-300×250-banner-ad-examples

    Reputation.com Free Checkup Positive Message Banners

    Project Description: 8 Concepts

  448. reputation-remove-private-info-banner-ad-previews

    Reputation.com MyPrivacy 30-Day Free Trial Banners

    Project Description: None yet.

  449. reputation-quote-banner-ads

    Reputation.com Quote Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  450. reputationcom-press-testimonials-banner-ad-previews

    Reputation.com ReputationDefender Press Testimonial Banners

    Project Description: None yet.

  451. self-roll-skateboards-640×480

    Roll Skateboards: Video Editing Exercise

    Project Description: This exercise demonstrates a few more editing skills such as converting a sequence to slow motion, sliding in separate clips to create a montage, overlaying an inset video on a background video, adding a title treatment, and making color adjustments.

  452. sleeter-group-insert-with-conference-semniar-schedule-and-ways-to-register-spread-1

    Sleeter Group 2-Sided Mailer Insert With Seminar Schedules, Ways To Register, and Ways To Order Forms

    Project Description: None yet.

  453. sleeter-group-workshops-and-seminars-ad

    Sleeter Group QuickBooks Consultants Workshops and Managing and Marketing Your Practice Seminars Magazine Ad

    Project Description: None yet.

  454. sleeter-group-workshops-and-seminars-mailer

    Sleeter Group QuickBooks Technology and Managing and Marketing Your Practice Seminars Mailer Brochure

    Project Description: None yet.

  455. Social Security Disability Help Landing Page – version 1

    Social Security Disability Microsites

    Project Description: Microsite designs for disabilityhelp.me and socialsecurityhelp.com

  456. SoftCam Application Interface Navigation Map 01

    SoftCam Interface Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  457. softcam-logo-design

    SoftCam Logo Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  458. SoftCam Logos for Product Family

    SoftCam Product Family Logos

    Project Description: None yet.

  459. st-patricks-day-get-lucky-logo

    St. Patrick‘s Day “Get Lucky” Graphic

    Project Description: None yet.

  460. Standard & Poor’s Consumer Services Division Site Map – Consumer Area

    Standard & Poor's Consumer Services Division Site Maps

    Project Description: None yet.

  461. star-wars-summit-logo-1996

    Star Wars Summit Logo

    Project Description: Art Director: Troy Alders

  462. storm-ventures-venture-capital-logo-1200×1200

    Storm Ventures Logo Redesign

    Project Description: This was a redesign based on another designers work. I reworked the logo mark and updated the font to look more modern along with applying a color scheme I had started using as part of the website redesign.

  463. storm-ventures-home-page

    StormVentures.com Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  464. swm-brand-logo-design-1200×1200

    SWM Brand Logo Design

    Project Description: My original concept was to create products based on acronyms and abbreviations used in personal ads, such as SWM, SWF, SBM, SBF, SAM, SAF, SWS, DWM, DWF, FTM, FWB, BBW, BMW, M4F, F4M, F4F, M4M, M4T, T4M, TG, TV, VAS, VGL, NSA, DL, BDSM, 420, ... I'm not sure there's much of a market for such things though and didn't pursue beyond creating this one example. Maybe someday...

  465. syndero-onlingo-learn-spanish-landing-page

    Syndero Onlingo “Learn Spanish Free” Landing Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  466. omnio-fulll-service-network-fsn-00-omnio-television

    Time Warner Omnio Full Service Network (FSN) Interactive TV

    Project Description: As Senior Screen Designer I developed the interface graphics for the overall look and feel based on few initial screen examples received from a Creative Director while working with an L.A. based PaintBox artist and in-house SGI developers. 4 months

  467. tixnix-free-attorney-consultation-promo-for-ning-site-version-1

    TixNix Free Attorney Consultation Promo for Ning

    Project Description: None yet.

  468. TixNix Landing Page – Traffic Ticket

    TixNix Landing Pages Based on Accident Type

    Project Description: None yet.

  469. tixnix-landing-page-state-based-traffic-ticket-california

    TixNix Landing Pages Based on State

    Project Description: None yet.

  470. tixnix-website-direction1-01-landing-page

    TixNix Microsite Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  471. txnix-wireframes-defining-content-flow-navigation-interaction-and-content

    TixNix.com Wireframes Defining Content Flow, Interaction Design, and Page Content Needs

    Project Description: None yet.

  472. Trusted Hands Network Landing Page – Step 1 Short Form

    Trusted Hands Network Landing Page Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  473. dan-poynor-san-francisco-signature-piece-2004

    Typographic Signature Piece for Art Show

    Project Description: None yet.

  474. urban-drop-poster-dan-poynor-2004-amsterdam

    Urban Drop Poster

    Project Description: While living in Amsterdam doing an internship for a few months I'd visit the Melkweg club occasionally. I can actually still remember some of the art shows and concerts I saw there and have always been inspired by the environment and wish I could have participated or created something related somehow. It was like squatters took over an abandoned milk factory/small castle (surrounded by a small moat even) and turned it into a giant communal art commune with large rooms for showcasing artists and acts. Flash forward years later - inspired by some graffiti artist names, music style names, dj names, and internet radio station names I created a fake poster for a pretend millennium show there.

  475. usps-suspicious-mail-alert-psa-flash-application

    USPS “Suspicious Mail Alert” Public Service Annoucement (PSA) Flash Application

    Project Description: None yet.

  476. Validator.com Service Logo

    Validator.com AVS Service Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  477. VDOPhone Software Application Interface Design

    VDOPhone Software Application Interface Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  478. vendio-singlefeed-simple-math-banner-ad-previews

    Vendio SingleFeed “Simple Math” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  479. vendio-singlefeed-checked-site-list-banner-ad-previews

    Vendio SingleFeed “Top Shopping Sites Checked List” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  480. vendio-singlefeed-we-make-it-easy-banner-ad-previews

    Vendio SingleFeed “We Make It Easy” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  481. vendio-singlefeed-300×2500-banner-ads

    Vendio SingleFeed Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  482. illustration-wedding-present-2000

    Wedding Gift Illustration

    Project Description: None yet.

  483. workbright-logo

    WorkBright Logo

    Project Description: Logo created for a new high-powered portable work light startup that a previous client of mine was working on. Concept I came up with was to present the logo within a light or dark space, depending on need. Also the trademark ™ symbol under the T on the right starts to suggest a lamp pull switch or pull chain.

  484. texasworkforcecommision-workintexas-homepage-mockup

    WorkInTexas.com Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

  485. ppcassociates-wrinkle-cream-trials-banner-ad-previews

    Wrinkle Cream Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  486. yahoo-aiu-online-form-ad-step-01

    Yahoo! AIU Online Form Ad Mockups

    Project Description: None yet.

  487. yahoo-ed-educational-direct-form-ad

    Yahoo! Form Ad Created for ED Educational Direct

    Project Description: None yet.

  488. yahoo-gm-auto-dealer-lead-capture-user-flows-2

    Yahoo! GM National, Regional, Dealer Promotion Opportunities and Lead Capture UX Design Strategy

    Project Description: This presentation shows national, regional, and dealer promotion placement opportunities plus the lead capture experience (or customer user flow) steps.

  489. yahoo-lender-direct-apply-with-confidence-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! Lender Direct “Apply With Confidence” Banner Ads

    Project Description: “Lender Direct” was one of the early names we tried as part of the partnership between Yahoo! and the lender matching service Root Markets. I intentionally designed these to look more understated, established, formal/stoic (less emotional or flashy than most banner ads) to help signal the ads were for a stable institution and not a fly-by-night mortgage loan brokerage service.

  490. yahoo-lender-search-root-markets-ease-of-use-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! Lender Search “Ease of Use” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  491. yahoo-root-markets-lender-search-trust-security-banner-ads-with-scrolling-lender-logos-previews

    Yahoo! Lender Search “Lenders Direct” Campaign

    Project Description: For this campaign I integrated lender logos into Flash animated ads to provide insight who the lenders are and begin to build confidence in potential customers minds before they apply for home financing. As part of this test, the logos either scrolled left to right, bottom to top, or zoomed from small to large along with style and messaging variations. The landing page look and feel borrowed from the style of the Yahoo! Travel channel and other online properties at the time to keep consistent with the Yahoo brand in general.

  492. yahoo-root-markets-lender-search-famous-money-quotes-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! Lender Search “Money Talk” Campaign

    Project Description: Concept here was to grab potential customers attention using engaging portraits from U.S. currency which would be familiar to customers and relevant to the subject of getting a loan. Each banner ad showed a different portrait which was then echoed on the landing page along with the messaging when uses they clicked-through.

  493. yahoo-root-markets-lender-search-trust-and-security-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! Lender Search “Peace of Mind” Campaign

    Project Description: Designed for potential customers who might be psychologically drawn towards exploring an easy and secure home loan solution.

  494. yahoo-root-markets-lender-search-pseudo-testimonials-campaign-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! Lender Search “Pseudo Testimonials” Campaign

    Project Description: Ogilvy style advertising headlines I came up with for mortgage loan ad variations featuring a happy woman, man, and couple.

  495. yahoo-messenger-capitalone-home-loans-form-ad-mockup

    Yahoo! Messenger Form Ad Mockup for CaptialOne Home Loans

    Project Description: None yet.

  496. yahoo-messenger-citibank-student-loan-consolidation-form-ad-mockup

    Yahoo! Messenger Form Ad Mockup for Citibank Student Loan Consolidation

    Project Description: None yet.

  497. yahoo-earnmydegree-form-ad

    Yahoo! Messenger Form Ad Mockup for EarnMyDegree.com

    Project Description: None yet.

  498. yahoo-messenger-my-coke-rewards-form-ad-mockup

    Yahoo! Messenger Form Ad Mockup for MyCokeRewards

    Project Description: None yet.

  499. yahoo-netflix-form-ad

    Yahoo! Messenger Form Ad Mockup for Netflix

    Project Description: None yet.

  500. yahoo-travelzoo-form-ad

    Yahoo! Messenger Form Ad Mockup for TravelZoo

    Project Description: None yet.

  501. yahoo-example-mockup-presentation

    Yahoo! Mockup Presentation for EDU Vertical Campaigns UX with Form Ads

    Project Description: Example presentation I put together showing user flow and content organization for three education lead capture campaigns. Presentations like this help me gather ideas and feedback from other stakeholders on project along with making sure we'll meet target objectives.

  502. yahoo-personals-adinterax-banner-ad-testing-matrix

    Yahoo! Personals AdInterax Banner Ads

    Project Description: AdInterax built tools to create rich media advertising solutions within the browser that where interactive and could include animations, streaming video, and forms and could slide across the screen over webpage content. As a test using forms within ads I created these personals ads based on already existing photo assets. Variations included showing the form automatically, having the form slide into view, requiring a click to expand the ad to view form.

  503. yahoo-rich-media-ad-specifications-for-instant-messenger-1

    Yahoo! Rich Media Ad Specifications for Instant Messenger “Thank You” Page

    Project Description: None yet.

  504. yahoo-web-loan-deals-nice-less-aggresive-test-banner-previews

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com “Nice” Less Aggressive Home Refi Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  505. yahoo-webloandeals-com-state-based-home-mortgage-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com “State Based” Geo Targeted Home Mortgage Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  506. yahoo-webloandeals-age-familiy-ethnicity-demographic-test-matrix-banner-ad-preview

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com Demographic Based Banner Ads

    Project Description: After working with marketing, product managers, and the bevioural targeting Phds to understand needs/abilities, I created banner ad variations for customer segments based on ethnicity (caucasian, non-caucasian), sex (male, female), age (young adults, middle-age, older adults), with both singles and couples pictured. The bullet point support text I came up with are specifically written towards each target audience also based on a little research I did to get in the heads of each audience – such as mentioning “Pay off credits cards” for younger audiences and “Get money for travel” for the older audiences.

  507. yahoo-webloandeals-landing-page-tall-version-1

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com Landing Page

    Project Description: A few of the initial layouts created for testing.

  508. yahoo-webloandeals-loan-configurator-concept-mockup

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com Landing Page “Loan Configurator” Concept Mockup

    Project Description: Concept I had based on a Flash interface I had seen where users could filter products on the fly using sliders and other widgets to control various product selection criteria, such as cost and ratings. Psychologically giving customers the illusion they are in control can help make them feel more comfortable when making a purchase decision, when really the business goal is just to make a sell or capture a lead in this case.

  509. yahoo-webloandeals-attention-grabbing-banner-ad-testing-matrix-previews

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com Showy “Attention Grabber” Animated Banner Ads

    Project Description: Goal of these banner ads is to grab attention then make a compelling offer, such as “Homeowners Save 50%”. These directions use more aggressive animations – such as people moving, dancing, warn and fuzzy characters, and alerts – to grab attention. Sometimes cheesy stuff works better than you would expect.

  510. yahoo-web-loan-deals-targeted-towards-auto-shoppers-banner-ad-previews

    Yahoo! WebLoanDeals.com Targeted Banner Ad Examples

    Project Description: These are some of the banners displayed to specific audiences based on which page they're viewing on Yahoo! or where they are located geographically in the U.S.

  511. font-zoned

    Zoned Font

    Project Description: None yet.

  512. zuberance-supercharge-wom-banner-ad-previews

    Zuberance “Supercharge Word of Mouth” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  513. zuberance-turn-loyal-customers-into-sales-force-banner-ad-previews

    Zuberance “Turn Loyal Customers Into A Volunteer Sales Force” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  514. zuberance-your-best-customers-want-to-tell-the-world-banner-ad-previews

    Zuberance “Your Best Customers Want To Tell The World About You” Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  515. zuberance-email-for-magnussens-lexus-of-fremont

    Zuberance Customer Feedback Request Email Template

    Project Description: Email template created for businesses to use when requesting customer feedback and help identify brand advocates

  516. zuberance-word-of-of-mouth-groundswell-book-campaign-email-design

    Zuberance Groundswell Book Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  517. zuberance-email-for-symantec-norton-advocates

    Zuberance Symantec Norton Brand Advocates Email

    Project Description: None yet.

  518. zuberance-word-of-mouth-webinar-email-template-design

    Zuberance Webinar Announcement Email Template Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  519. zuberance-home-page-design

    Zuberance Website Updates

    Project Description: Occasionally I would redesign sections of the website, create new graphics and pages, and update content.

  520. zuberance-email-for-auto-industry-whitepaper

    Zuberance White Paper Campaign for Auto Industry

    Project Description: None yet.

  521. zuberance-email-for-travel-industry-whitepaper

    Zuberance White Paper Campaign for Travel Industry

    Project Description: None yet.

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