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  1. aol-2market-cd-eddie-bauer-home-main-screen

    2Market CD Eddie Bauer Interface Designs

    Project Description: Eddie Bauer was one of the catalogs presented on the 2Market CD. Sometimes vendors would just send their logo and let us design the interface for their catalog. I usually managed to preserve the brands look for well known companies so sign-offs went smoothly.

  2. aol-2market-cd-sharper-image-main-menu-screen

    2Market CD The Sharper Image Interface Designs

    Project Description: The Sharper Image was another one of the catalogs presented on the 2Market CD. Sometimes vendors would just send their logo and ask us to handle the interface design for their catalog. Since I was already familiar with the Sharper Image brand through their mailed catalog and had noticed their advertising on occasion plus I had visited their stores shopping a few times, I was able to successfully maintain the brands look and feel.

  3. aol-2market-promotions

    2Market Promotions

    Project Description: The computer-based shopping service 2Market was formed by a partnership between America Online, Apple Computer and Medior in 1994. The CD-ROM version included 27 vendor catalogs including promotions (such as Chef's Catalog, Lands' End, Spiegel, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Sony Music). Occasionally new promotions were downloaded after connecting through AOL and presented as timely offers to potential customers.

  4. adbrite-conference-booth

    AdBrite Conference Booth Background Graphic

    Project Description: Based on their logo I create perhaps half a dozen design variations before we settled on this version.

  5. adobe-echosign-be-a-hero-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign “Be A Hero” Initial Banner Ad Design Variations

    Project Description: These are three initial designs based on a concept from the marketing manager using a document illustration I had previously created and stock image I found as alternate directions.

  6. adobe-echosign-get-documents-signed-anywhere-campaign-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign “Get Documents Signed Anywhere” Campaign Banner Ads

    Project Description: For this project I gathered stock photos to represent different unexpected situations where people could be while signing a document. Concept was based on a “Sign From Anywhere” idea we had used previously from the marketing manager.

  7. adobe-echosign-speed-webinar-email

    Adobe EchoSign “Increase The Speed” Campaign

    Project Description: This campaign was targeted at CFO’s and real estate professionals using customized text in the emails and landing pages.

  8. adobe-echosign-co-branded-landing-page-design

    Adobe EchoSign Co-branded Landing Page Design

    Project Description: Immediately after Adobe acquired EchoSign we did a quick update throughout the site merging the two brands by basically just sticking the Adobe red tag in the header and adding some legal text in the footer. This is an example of a landing page that I created during this time which still shows the EchoSign look with a few Adobe branding elements.

  9. adobe-echosign-community-college-week-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Community College Week Banner Ads

    Project Description: These were reworded/updated for use targeting CFO’s also. The guy with the glasses kinda looks like like he could be either a professor or an accountant.

  10. adobe-echosign-conference-booth-panels-for-dreamforce-2011

    Adobe EchoSign Conference Booth Graphics

    Project Description: Created for the Salesforce Dreamforce 2011 Conference. This was just after the Adobe EchoSign merger so the big Adobe tag seemed important to make sure everyone knew EchoSign was now part of Adobe. There were still some legacy EchoSign elements in places such as the ratings graphic that were revised before finalizing. I always wonder how often the conference booths were used anywhere else.

  11. adobe-echosign-floor-display-sign-version-preview

    Adobe EchoSign Conference Floor Display Signs

    Project Description: I forget which of these was the final. It was fun working with the shapes in their corporate background imagery.

  12. adobe-echosign-credit-union-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Credit Union Banner Ad Variations

    Project Description: None yet.

  13. adobe-echosign-die-cut-vinyl-wayfinding-floor-decals-preview

    Adobe EchoSign Die-cut Vinyl Wayfinding Floor Decals

    Project Description: These printed about 44 inches wide and 15 inches tall and were stuck on the ground in key locations to help folks find their way to the event.

  14. adobe-echosign-docusign-corrections-interactive-pdf-smaller

    Adobe EchoSign DocuSign Corrections Interactive PDF

    Project Description: Interactive PDF created with rollovers highlighting incorrect sections of a DocuSign comparison white paper that DocuSign was distributing. You have to download the PDF to your hard drive and open it in Acrobat Reader to see the rollovers. It doesn't work if you just view the PDF in a web browser.

  15. adobe-echosign-free-trial-campaign-for-real-estate-agents-and-brokers-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Free Trial Campaign for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

    Project Description: We iterated on these two directions a few times. Other versions included text such as “...and Save 50% on a Pro Account” in addition to the free documents offer.

  16. adobe-echosign-graphic-for-trade-show-tabletop-displays-sign

    Adobe EchoSign Graphics for Trade Show Booth

    Project Description: None yet.

  17. adobe-echosign-traffic-failover-page-01

    Adobe EchoSign Homepage “Traffic Surge” Lightweight Fallback Page Design

    Project Description: In case the website received too much traffic we had a couple failover plans in place, such as being able to switch to a revised homepage that was streamlined for lots of traffic. Version 1 removed the animated billboard image slider and didn't include any dynamic JSP so everything was static. In version 2 I also removed all links to internal pages including the billboard image CTA and no login plus the bottom section of the page content was removed. Version 1 HTTP resource requests went from 84 down to 41 and page weight went from ~972K to ~169K. Version 2 HTTP requests went down to 17 and page weight went to ~88K. Since most traffic doesn’t go through the homepage necessarily but to sub-pages directly, I could also redirect all sub-pages to the version 2 homepage if needed.

  18. adobe-echosign-home-page-billboard-image-design-example-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Homepage Billboard Image Design Examples

    Project Description: This is only a few of the many I either created from scratch or repurposed and updated over a few years. For example each year EchoSign would have a booth and participate at the Salesforce Dreamforce conference and the billboard image that appears on the homepage would need to be updated each year announcing sessions featuring EchoSign or awards EchoSign has won.

  19. adobe-echosign-stats-landing-page

    Adobe EchoSign Landing Page with Stats Billboard

    Project Description: Showing numbers is a tactic for connecting with businesses by making the company look more legit/impressive. Mentioning time saved, number of customers, and amount saved is similar to saying it's quick, easy, and free but in a less consumery retail-like way.

  20. adobe-echosign-logo-badge-designs

    Adobe EchoSign Logo Badge Design

    Project Description: After Adobe acquired EchoSign, and before the Adobe corporate branding and design army began managing the new Adobe EchoSign brand, I created these which were modeled off other Adobe brand merge example I had found or noticed in the past. As a Adobe Creative Suite user/customer I've been familiar with their brand for years and am intimate with the company and generally aware when they merge with other companies or products which helps on projects such as this.

  21. adobe-echosign-real-estate-campaign-email

    Adobe EchoSign Real Estate Agents and Brokers Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  22. echosign-real-estate-landing-page-version-1

    Adobe EchoSign Real Estate Audience Landing Page

    Project Description: Landing pages could be customized for various marketing verticals by updating the headlines text, bullet point text, testimonials, and example customer logos. Three or four layout variations were tested. Version 2 also includes the Phase 1 header and footer redesign I initially incorporated after Adobe acquired EchoSign.

  23. adobe-echosign-salesforce-appexchange-badges

    Adobe EchoSign Salesforce AppExchange Customer Choice Award Badges

    Project Description: I couldn't find large clean versions of these online so I recreated them in Adobe Illustrator as vector art so we could use them in print and online. Pretty close match I think.

  24. dobe-echosign-salesforce-graphics-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Salesforce Website Graphics

    Project Description: Not really banner ads (they don't have buttons or a call-to-action), but I wasn't sure where to put these. Maybe these could be in a media-type category called “Branding Elements” or something.

  25. adobe-echosign-legal-tested-trusted-landing-page

    Adobe EchoSign Short Landing Page

    Project Description: The collage with the agreement and mouse was created in Adobe Illustrator, only the mouse photo was a raster image. The illustrated contract includes real contract text in case anyone looked at it closely. A second version of this landing page design included a Free Webinar button next to the Free Trial button.

  26. adobe-echosign-sports-related-banner-ads-preview

    Adobe EchoSign Sports Related Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  27. adobe-echosign-support-area-feedback-screen

    Adobe EchoSign Support Area Integration Development

    Project Description: As part of the team working on integrating legacy EchoSign content into the Adobe content management system I also worked on developing the Support area based on the two brand styles.

  28. adobe-echosign-tri-fold-brochure-outside

    Adobe EchoSign Tri-fold Brochure

    Project Description: A revised design of the EchoSign brochure to hand out at the Adobe EchoSign booth during Salesforce Dreamforce conference.

  29. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-2012-floor-decals-and-poster-sign-mockups-1

    Adobe EchoSign Wayfinding Street Decal and Floor Signage Mockups

    Project Description: None yet.

  30. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-poster

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts 2012 Conference

    Project Description: None yet.

  31. adobe-echosign-co-branded-home-page-design-with-web-contracts-billboard-image-with-conferenc-billboard

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference 2012 Homepage Billboard

    Project Description: Designed along with the other web and print conference materials.

  32. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-mockup-of-badge-in-holder

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Attendee Badges

    Project Description: None yet.

  33. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-guidebook-cover

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Guidebook

    Project Description: The official conference guidebook. We kept it simple since attendees only received the guidebook once at the conference. So it's more “informational” rather than being a “promotional” piece.

  34. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-pedicab-graphic-35×22

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Pedicab Ads

    Project Description: Used on pedicabs not just to advertise the conference but to indicate which pedicabs provided free rides to and from the conference.

  35. adobe-echosign-web-contracts-conference-sign-preview-00-36×84

    Adobe EchoSign Web Contracts Conference Signage

    Project Description: None yet.

  36. adobe-echosign-free-webinar-registration-form-page

    Adobe EchoSign Webinar Registration Landing Page

    Project Description: Webcast Registration page I occasionally update the form, test, and right column branding area on. This version includes the initial header and footer updates made right after Adobe acquired EchoSign.

  37. adobe-echosign-co-branded-home-page-design-before-version

    Adobe EchoSign Website Redesign Phase 1 Example Co-branded Homepage Redesign – Before and After Examples

    Project Description: This was the first iteration of the site redesign right after the merger announcement between EchoSign and Adobe. I had seen other companies simply just adding the red Adobe tag to their header and updating their footers so this seemed to be the most appropriate solution, plus it was the easiest to do quickly. The bottom of the red Adobe tag is not suppose to be tangent with other page elements, is suppose to look like it's hang when placed at the top of a page. Although this was a violation of the brand standards we made an exception since it was temporary.

  38. adobe-echosign-website-redesign-phase-2-homepage

    Adobe EchoSign Website Redesign Phase 2 Examples

    Project Description: None yet.

  39. adobe-echosign-web-site-page-template-redesign

    Adobe EchoSign Website Redesign Phase 2 Page Template Design and Development

    Project Description: As part of the merger with Adobe I helped evolve the echosign.com brand look-and-feel with the Adobe brand standards. This effort included updating the global header and footer on the website a couple times. The site was eventually migrated to their Adobe CQ5 Web Content Management platform (formerly Day Software) to allow reuse of their standard templates and help preserve the Adobe brand presentation across the enterprise of various web sites.

  40. echosign-white paper-nov2011

    Adobe EchoSign White Papers and Data Sheets

    Project Description: Occasionally I created or updated white papers and data sheets in PDF format on various topics. The overall design and layout were based on Adobe brand standards.

  41. adp-screen-composit

    ADP Shareholder Communication Trends Demo

    Project Description: This app demonstrated the kinds of insights ADP could provide based on their data at a conference. The project was managed through a small agency named Printz in San Francisco and developed in Java. Creating the x, y coordinates for each line of text took some time but helped the developer get things in the right place without having to just eye the positions.

  42. adteractive-freeblackrazrteal

    Adteractive “Be The First To Get The Motorola RAZR V3c Free!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  43. adteractive-freecatchtheturkeyrestarauntgiftcard

    Adteractive “Catch The Turkey! Receive A Free $500 Grocery Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  44. adteractive-gcikea250

    Adteractive “Claim A Free $250 IKEA Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  45. adteractive-freeipodnanoblackgreen

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Free Apple iPod nano” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  46. adteractive-freekodakv5500digitalcamera

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Please Claim Your Free Kodak Zoom Digital Camera Now” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  47. adteractive-freeyearofgroceries

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Please Claim Your Free Year Of Groceries!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  48. adteractive-freeps3vsxbox360

    Adteractive “Congratulations! Which FREE Gaming Console Do You Prefer?” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  49. adteractive-free500babyshoppingspree

    Adteractive “Free $500 Baby Shopping Spree!” Campaign

    Project Description: Everybody loves babies. :)

  50. adteractive-freeholidaybabyshoppingspree

    Adteractive “Free $500 Baby Shopping Spree” Holiday Season Themed Gift Card Campaign

    Project Description: Using an image of a happy baby to get attention and create that warm fuzzy feeling.

  51. adteractive-email-guygirl500fashioncard

    Adteractive “Free $500 Designer Clothing Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  52. adteractive-free500gcelectronics

    Adteractive “Free $500 Electronics Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  53. adteractive-gc500homeimprovement

    Adteractive “Free $500 Home Improvement Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  54. adteractive-free500targetgc

    Adteractive “Free $500 Target Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  55. adteractive-gc500weightloss

    Adteractive “Free $500 Weight Loss Gift Certificate” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  56. adteractive-freepanasonicplasmatv

    Adteractive “Free 42 Inch Panasonic Plasma Television” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  57. adteractive-freeappleipodnano

    Adteractive “Free Apple iPod nano” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  58. adteractive-freedesignerhandbags

    Adteractive “Free Designer Handbags and Pursues” Fendi, Prada, Gucci, Dior Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  59. adteractive-freelevis501jeans

    Adteractive “Free Levi’s 501 Jeans” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  60. adteractive-louisvuittoncombo

    Adteractive “Free Louis Vuitton Handbag and Wallet!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  61. adteractive-freemobiblucubemp3player

    Adteractive “Free mobiBLU Cube MP3 Player” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  62. adteractive-freeappleipodvideo

    Adteractive “Free New Apple iPod” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  63. adteractive-freesatelliteradiosxmorsirius

    Adteractive “Free Sirius or XM Satellite Radio” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  64. adteractive-sonybravia32hdtv

    Adteractive “Free Sony Bravia 32 Inch HDTV” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  65. adteractive-freemotorlablackrazrphone

    Adteractive “Free Special Edition Black Motorola RAZR Phone” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  66. adteractive-freemotorolapinkrazrphone

    Adteractive “Free Special Edition Pink Motorola RAZR Phone” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  67. adteractive-freesonydvdcamcorder

    Adteractive “FREE! Sony DVD Handycam Camcorder” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  68. adteractive-freexbox360gameconsole

    Adteractive “FREE! XBox 360 Next Generation Gaming Console” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  69. adteractive-needmoneyforbills

    Adteractive “Need Money To Pay Your Bills?” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  70. adteractive-email-fgw_motorola_itunes_phone

    Adteractive “NEW Motorola iTunes Phone FREE!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  71. adteractive-freehplaptopzd8000

    Adteractive “Please Claim Your Free Gift! HP Pavilion zd8000 Laptop PC” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  72. adteractive-sony-vaio-campaign-banner-ads-preview

    Adteractive “Please Claim Your Free Sony Vaio Notebook PC!” Campaign

    Project Description: Banner ad animation loops 5 times then stops. To replay, you might have to force-reload the page to refresh browser cache.

  73. adteractive-vermontteddybear

    Adteractive “Please Claim Your Free Vermont Teddy Bear!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  74. adteractive-freelaptopofferssonygatewayhp

    Adteractive “Please Select Your Free Laptop PC!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  75. adteractive-freemultimp3playeroffer

    Adteractive “Please Select Your FREE MP3 Player!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  76. adteractive-freekmartfamily500giftcard

    Adteractive “Special Offer Announcement - Free $500 Kmart Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  77. adteractive-freechocolates

    Adteractive “Special Promotion - Free Chocolates!” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  78. adteractive-freecouchsurveypriglesdoritos

    Adteractive “Take Our National Survey!” Pringles vs. Doritos Couch Potato Snack Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  79. adteractive-free-xbox-360-hotchick-banner-ads-preview

    Adteractive Free XBox 360 Campaign Banner Ads

    Project Description: None yet.

  80. adteractive-freegiftworld-tomkat-xbox360-banner-ad-previews

    Adteractive FreeGiftWorld “Will They Last?” Survey

    Project Description: Animation loops 10 times then stops. Reload page if you want to replay.

  81. adteractive-freegiftworld-applebees-banner-ad-previews

    Adteractive FreeGiftWorld Applebee’s Campaign

    Project Description: Animation loops 10 times then stops. Reload page if you want to replay.

  82. adteractive-email-gc500postholidayspree

    Adteractive Post Holiday Shopping Spree “Free $500 Gift Card” Campaign

    Project Description: None yet.

  83. aol-channel-art-for-the-sharper-image

    AOL Channel Art for The Sharper Image

    Project Description: Visual design created based on The Sharper Image corporate look and feel. Since I had previously worked on other marketing vehicles for them I was already familiar with their brand standards which helped make this project a success.

  84. aol-america-online-channels-screen

    AOL Channels Screen

    Project Description: One of the iterations I worked on for AOL version 3. This version might have been too “cyber” looking and the text on the buttons is dithering oddly I think. Another designer came up with the final version which used oval shaped buttons which had a friendlier feel and was less technical looking.

  85. aol-family-computing-channel

    AOL Family Computing Channel

    Project Description: One of AOL’s most popular areas in version 3 was the Family Computing channel including it's chatting forums and games. The screen design integrated lots of visual eye candy to peek users interest to explore the different areas and get more intimate with the various subjects.

  86. aol-internet-adventure-cdrom-001-main-menu

    AOL Internet Adventure CD-ROM Interface Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  87. AOL Internet Adventure Logo

    AOL Internet Adventure Logo

    Project Description: This is the opening bumper animation that plays when the application first loads. I created the frames in Photoshop and a video editor created the clip. The producer and video editor came up with a great sound also which rings in the opening with a chime.

  88. aol-live-channel-logo-1200×1200

    AOL Live Channel Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  89. aol-live-channel-01

    AOL Live! Channel

    Project Description: AOL Live! was the TV Guide for online events and the design needed to inform and entice users in an organized manner while keeping track of everything going on. I worked on developing the graphics for the main channel screen and sub-screens.

  90. AOL Netscape Navigator Integration Navigation Map

    AOL Netscape Navigator Integration Navigation Map

    Project Description: None yet.

  91. aol-netscape-navigator-integration

    AOL Netscape Navigator Screen

    Project Description: None yet.

  92. aol-powerpac-02-main-menu-screen

    AOL PowerPac CD Interface Design

    Project Description: None yet.

  93. aol-productions-logo-1200×1200

    AOL Productions Logo

    Project Description: I created the final version based on an idea the CEO had after I had presented several initial designs from myself and a couple designer friends. This direction especially made sense to me after I got to review a lot of the outside agency submissions which were creating a whole new visual language that looked unrelated to the traditional AOL brand.

  94. aol-the-sporting-news-01-main-menu-screen

    AOL The Sporting News Channel Screens

    Project Description: None yet.

  95. aol-travel-channel

    AOL Travel Channel

    Project Description: None yet.

  96. aol-travel-channel-logo-1200×1200

    AOL Travel Channel Logo

    Project Description: None yet.

  97. ApartmentSearch.com City Region Based A/B Landing Page Test Variation 1

    ApartmentSearch.com Region Based A/B Landing Page Test Variations

    Project Description: None yet.

  98. Apartment Search Search Interface Options

    ApartmentSearch.com Search Flow UX Design

    Project Description: Alternate search user experiences wireframed and presented after doing initial design research and competitive analysis. Wireframes show search interfaces which allow users to locate properties they might be interested in by manually entering search keywords, clicking categories, selecting their solution (persona) type, rating importance of features, and other methods. Criteria could also be expanded or minimized depending on how detailed users wanted to get when selecting their needs. Screenshots and walkthroughs of competition were presented to make sure we were providing a familiar, expected, common search interface pattern yet also improving the experience for users.

  99. Apartment Search: SEO Property Name Keyword Focused Landing Page

    ApartmentSearch.com SEO Landing Pages

    Project Description: None yet.

  100. apartmentsearch-consumer-services-site-map

    ApartmentSearch.com Website Redesign

    Project Description: None yet.

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