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  1. aol-2market-cd-eddie-bauer-home-main-screen

    2Market CD Eddie Bauer Interface Designs

    Project Description: Eddie Bauer was one of the catalogs presented on the 2Market CD. Sometimes vendors would just send their logo and let us design the interface for their catalog. I usually managed to preserve the brands look for well known companies so sign-offs went smoothly.

  2. aol-2market-cd-sharper-image-main-menu-screen

    2Market CD The Sharper Image Interface Designs

    Project Description: The Sharper Image was another one of the catalogs presented on the 2Market CD. Sometimes vendors would just send their logo and ask us to handle the interface design for their catalog. Since I was already familiar with the Sharper Image brand through their mailed catalog and had noticed their advertising on occasion plus I had visited their stores shopping a few times, I was able to successfully maintain the brands look and feel.

  3. aol-2market-promotions

    2Market Promotions

    Project Description: The computer-based shopping service 2Market was formed by a partnership between America Online, Apple Computer and Medior in 1994. The CD-ROM version included 27 vendor catalogs including promotions (such as Chef's Catalog, Lands' End, Spiegel, Warner Bros. Studio Stores, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Sony Music). Occasionally new promotions were downloaded after connecting through AOL and presented as timely offers to potential customers.

  4. adbrite-conference-booth

    AdBrite Conference Booth Background Graphic

    Project Description: Based on their logo I create perhaps half a dozen design variations before we settled on this version.

  5. adobe-echosign-be-a-hero-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign “Be A Hero” Initial Banner Ad Design Variations

    Project Description: These are three initial designs based on a concept from the marketing manager using a document illustration I had previously created and stock image I found as alternate directions.

  6. adobe-echosign-get-documents-signed-anywhere-campaign-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign “Get Documents Signed Anywhere” Campaign Banner Ads

    Project Description: For this project I gathered stock photos to represent different unexpected situations where people could be while signing a document. Concept was based on a “Sign From Anywhere” idea we had used previously from the marketing manager.

  7. adobe-echosign-speed-webinar-email

    Adobe EchoSign “Increase The Speed” Campaign

    Project Description: This campaign was targeted at CFO’s and real estate professionals using customized text in the emails and landing pages.

  8. adobe-echosign-co-branded-landing-page-design

    Adobe EchoSign Co-branded Landing Page Design

    Project Description: Immediately after Adobe acquired EchoSign we did a quick update throughout the site merging the two brands by basically just sticking the Adobe red tag in the header and adding some legal text in the footer. This is an example of a landing page that I created during this time which still shows the EchoSign look with a few Adobe branding elements.

  9. adobe-echosign-community-college-week-banner-ad-previews

    Adobe EchoSign Community College Week Banner Ads

    Project Description: These were reworded/updated for use targeting CFO’s also. The guy with the glasses kinda looks like like he could be either a professor or an accountant.

  10. adobe-echosign-conference-booth-panels-for-dreamforce-2011

    Adobe EchoSign Conference Booth Graphics

    Project Description: Created for the Salesforce Dreamforce 2011 Conference. This was just after the Adobe EchoSign merger so the big Adobe tag seemed important to make sure everyone knew EchoSign was now part of Adobe. There were still some legacy EchoSign elements in places such as the ratings graphic that were revised before finalizing. I always wonder how often the conference booths were used anywhere else.

Presenting 521 items