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3D mockups with clamshell photos added

BACtrack B70 Shipper Tray Design Design Shipper tray mockup image on dark background BACtrack B70 Shipper Tray Final Art in Template

3D Walk-around

frame 1 preview frame 2 preview frame 3 preview frame 4 preview

View: bactrack-b70-shipper-tray-design-3d-walk-around.mov

Couple more early render sketches with clamshell mockups

image showing design variation image showing design variation image showing design variation

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Company Description

KHN Solutions created both the BACtrack and BluFire brands. I've categorized work for each separately, but it was actually work for just one company.

Founded in 2001, BACtrack is the leading brand of breathalyzers offering a full range of innovative breath alcohol testers for both personal and professional use. They are the first company to ever receive U.S. Food & Drug Administration 510(k) marketing clearance to legally sell breathalyzers to consumers for personal use. BACtrack products are available in 20 countries and at over 10,000 retail store locations including Walgreens, Costco and Best Buy.

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