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Howdy World, It’s Me… Dan Poynor

I’m a designer focused on UX, visual, and interaction design currently living in Austin Texas.

Visual or UX Design and Development

If you current already have brand guidelines or a look and feel direction in mind that you want to use I can easily adapt to any style.

Or if you’re needing a brand refresh or website redesign I can help develop unique visual language to fit your business.

Strategy and


Visual and
Interaction Design


and Production

Portfolio Introduction

A 10,000 foot overview.

About the work: This design archive represents a wide range of visual concepts and business communication solutions that either I, my client, or another collaborator came up with. Some of the work is great because it’s visually rich and exciting to look at. Other work is also great even if it’s simple and toned way down. Both have value, but for different strategic reasons. For example – sometimes it’s better if an ad doesn’t look like an ad so it’ll get more attention or clicks.

Several projects also include design variations that either the client didn’t approve or that we tested before a final “hero” solution was choosen for wider distribution. Beyond exposing the design process, several of the variations that didn’t win in the end are still interesting I think and might provide inspiration in future projects. So also included in some projects are various design artifacts illustrating what led to the final solution and how they were eventually used as well.

Organization: It’s not unusual that I get asked questions like “What did you do at Adteractive, AOL, Cisco and Yahoo!?”, “Do you create wireframes for UX design?”, “Ever work on B2B marketing campaigns?”, “Do you do logo design or branding?”, or “Can you do product photography?”. The way this portfolio is categorized aims to help answer those kinds of questions easily whenever they might come up. Being able to show and not just tell is a powerful thing, especially these days since it’s easy for someone to just declare their merit with statements like “I have 16 years of experience” without substantiating.

Altogether, I don’t have examples of several hundred projects I’ve worked on (especially final print production examples!) plus I’ve deliberately edited out several hundred because they seemed less noteworthy. Every project was a learning experience nonetheless and I hope you’re able to discover something of relevance that can be applied towards your next endeavor. Editing is an ongoing process so feel free to send feedback or requests if needed letting me know specifics about what you’re looking for.

Thanks for looking! 🙂

Selected Projects

Front-end Developer and Overflow Design Guy

As a remote contractor I managed the front-end of Insightly.com for 3.5 years along with a Marketing Manager and in-house Senior Designer. Duties included coding website redesigns, responsive site development, and some occasional visual design. During this time we grew the Insightly customer base from ~250K to over 1.2M in more than 200 countries.

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Banner Ad Designer

As Reputation.com was rapidly expanding and workload bandwidth increased their internal Art Director and Marketing Manager were looking to outsource projects on an as-needed basis. Focus was on developing the brand messaging and visual design concepts for each product line to better reach potential customers in more effective ways.

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Adobe EchoSign
Web Contracts Conference
Art Director

Working with the event coordinator, internal copywriters, and print vendors I concepted and presented visual design treatments to be considered before producing the final print and online assets. We successfully created a unique look for this unique event while adhering to the Adobe corporate brand standards.

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Selected Media Types

From print to interactive – explore 32 of the diverse media types and marketing vehicles I’ve work with.

With a solid background dedicated to design and development I’m sure I can make a valuable addition to your project or organization.